Christmas cross stitch

I know it seems really early for Christmas (I mean, it’s literally only just October!), but I rather ambitiously decide to cross stitch all my cards this year and if I don’t get a move on I’ll never be finished in time! Especially judging by how quickly the past few months have sped by. Here are a few of the items I’ve stitched so far:

The bauble was an experiemnt to see the effect I could achieve with some multi-coloured thread I bought. I think it turned out quite well, what do you reckon? (Click the image for a better view.)

I love robins and couldn’t resist giving these two a try. I like the one on the right best.

I know I have some readers out there who also cross stitch… is anyone else planning on doing Christmas cards? If so, I would love to see yours!


12 thoughts on “Christmas cross stitch

  1. I love the bauble! I have some multicoloured thread that I don’t know how to use so I might steal your idea! I’m going to do cards this year as I’m going ti do another big project soon. How many cards are you making in total?

    1. Steal away! I stitched each cross individually to keep the same colour together. If you do the bottom arm of the cross first then go back over the effect will probably be different 🙂

      I’ll need about 10 if I do just family. If I have time for more than that selected friends will get one too.

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