Friday letters and links

Good morning! I’m working from home again this morning as I have an appointment with the gastroentologist at 12:30 so it wasn’t worth going in to the office. I’m getting a gastroscopy, which involves the doctor sticking a tube down my throat and having a look inside my stomach, so I was told not to eat at all today and I’ve now had my last drink as well – at least I was allowed to have some water this morning! Hopefully they’ll discover there’s something very simple wrong with me, give me some tablets and within a few days I’ll be eating normally again. Fingers crossed! Now lets have some letters.


Dear Deutsche Bahn. I hope Wednesday was your last strike for a while. If you mess up my trip to Paris at the end of the month I shall be very annoyed!

Dear pumpkin. I am really enjoying cooking with you! I just wish you weren’t so annoying to cut up.

Dear stomach problems. I hope you turn out to be nothing serious. Although if the doctor’s fail to find any explanation that would kind of suck.

Dear work. I am so lucky to have a flexible employer who allows me to work from home when trains aren’t running and leave early for appointments, and also to have a job I love I will forever be grateful to you for the past few weeks!

Dear future. Things are so up in the air at the moment, but I’m really hoping a decision will be made soon so I can start to plan!

Now here are some links to things I’ve come across on the Internet lately and want to share with everyone:

That’s all for today. Have a great weekend everyone!






21 thoughts on “Friday letters and links

  1. Good luck with the gastroscopy, I hope they figure out what’s up quickly 🙂 And I hope you get yourself something really delicious as a reward for this morning of fasting!

  2. Hope you get some kind of answer from the doc. Have the possibility of food allergies or intolerances been brought up at all? Although some people complain that they are “all the rage” in the States, it does seem that many of us just can’t handle certain foods – whether it’s a big food category such as dairy or gluten, or something simpler (I’ve a friend who cannot eat garlic or onion without feeling ill!).

  3. I’m wickedly behind on blogs, so I don’t know how things turned out with your gastro, but I can relate- after I returned to the US, my usually terrible digestion went totally off the rails and I went to a gastro myself. Tubes are in my future. Hopefully down my throat and not up my butt, but it’s anybody’s guess. I hope you’re feeling better, since this was like three weeks ago!

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