Guess the Christmas cross stitch: round 2

There were some interesting guesses for round 1 of my little game! (You can see the original post here). Here are your guesses in the order I received them:

First up is Lady of the Cakes, who I’m 90% sure only made this guess so I would have to type it onto my blog. I don’t even want to know what search terms this will result in… “Smurf about to come all over a KitKat“. Strangely enough, no that is not the answer! And I sincerely hope nobody was reading this post while eating a KitKat…

Elaine from I Used to be Indecisive guessed “A sleigh with a sack of presents on the back”. Not the right answer Elaine, but much closer than Simone’s!

Sara Louise guessed “A chimney with blue smoke coming out of it“, which would at least be sort of Christmassy. Not the right answer though πŸ˜‰

Linda of Expat Eye on Germany (and the instigator of this game) suggested “Jack Β Frost nipping at a very rectangular robin red breast“. Better than pervert smurfs anyway πŸ˜‰

Katrin said it was obviously “a cigarette with blue smoke“, but since that wouldn’t be very Christmassy added a second guess: A hand coming out of a chimney. A blue hand, obviously.

Charlotte’s guess was “A blue robin sat on a twig!“. I’ve seen cross stitches of blue owls, so why not robins?

And finally, Aussa Lorens said “Definitely a NO SMOKING sign, Xmas style.“. I’m sensing a theme here!

Now for round two. Here’s a new photo taken during the stitching process. Maybe you’ll have better luck guessing the cross stitch based on this picture:

cross stitch

Enter your guesses in the comments. If nobody gets it right, I’ll have one more picture after this then I’ll reveal the answer.

33 thoughts on “Guess the Christmas cross stitch: round 2

    1. I’m with Kate on this one but I suppose I’ll have to guess something! So, it’s a blue cat, dragging a red ribbon somewhere. Maybe the North Pole – would explain the blueness of the cat πŸ˜‰

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