Gastroscopy and Friday letters

Hi all! Well, as you may or may not know, I had a gastroscopy last Friday – i.e. a doctor shoved a tube down my throat and into my stomach then used a camera to look at my insides. I was sedated during the procedure, so the last thing I remember is being asked to bite on a plastic thing with a hole in the middle. The next thing I knew I was waking up, still feeling a bit groggy and slightly sick, but that soon wore off. In fact, the worst part of the ordeal was having the needles put in for the sedation – the first assistant couldn’t get them in, so she tried once on each arm before going and fetching her older colleague. I ended up with matching bruises on both arms!Thanks for that, assistant woman. So if you’re ever told you need a gastroscopy,don’t worry – it’s not so bad! As for findings. Well, my stomach is (or was) slightly irritated but everything else looked normal and I didn’t have any of the usual signs of refulx. However, I’ve been given some tablets (blue and white ones which I’m referring to as Smurf tablets!) and either they’re helping or it’s coincidence and I would have got better by myself anyway. Hmm. Either way, I seem to be able to eat most foods again now. I even had some American-style cheesecake yesterday (made by a colleague) and it was delicious!

And now on to Friday letters… I know that’s what you came here for 😉

lettersDear weather. On Sunday, I went out without a jacket, this morning it was 6°C and foggy. What is going on?!

Dear work. You have been incredibly busy again this week, which is admittedly better than having nothing to do, but I’m glad I have next Friday off!

Dear Paris. I shall be seeing you next Friday! I hope you’re kinder to me than last time I went.

Dear “Welcome to Night Vale”. You are the reason we’re coming to Paris. I hope you live up to our expectations!

Dear winter reading challenge. I can’t wait for you to start! I already have a few of my books and it’s taking all my willpower to resist reading them before 1st November!

Dear #Take12Trips. I haven’t forgotten about you, honest! My final Taiwan post will be up very soon…

That’s all from me for today. Have a great weekend everyone!

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26 thoughts on “Gastroscopy and Friday letters

  1. Oh, I am so sorry you had to go through something so awful! I’ve always kept my fingers crossed that I never have to have the tube down throat situation, it sounds awful! My Dad had to do it recently and said it wasn’t a good experience.
    Glad to hear you are feeling better, I guess the Smurf tablets are working? 😉

    1. I guess so 😉 I really didn’t find it that bad – they literally knocked me out before it started and I woke up when they took the tube out. Then I had to stay lying down for a bit, but I was fine pretty quickly.

  2. Gastroscopies are no fun, that’s for sure. I got mine done the same time they were doing the colonoscopy, so I was literally being probed in both ends. Not something I’d like to repeat anytime soon.

  3. I’m glad you’re feeling better already!! And that the gastroscopy wasn’t too terrible.
    Also, the weather here is AWFUL too :p wind so powerful it gives me earaches o_O How is that even possible??

  4. Ahhhh that sounds terrible! I hope your tummy starts being nicer to you now.
    I love Nightvale!!! I’ve only just started recently so I’m not up to date – but hopefully I can be up-to-date enough to go to an event soon! I do hope you’ll be blogging about it!

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