It took me so long to finish talking about Taiwan that I haven’t even mentioned where I went for Take 12 Trips in September yet! Seeing as it’s now November, it’s probably about time I got on that!


Jan and I took a train to Weinheim on the last Saturday in September 2014. This is the Weinheim in Baden-Württemberg, near Heidelberg – I’m sure there are others around as well. It had been rainy all that week and it was cloudy when we left Karlsruhe, but we ended up being really lucky. The sun came out and I even had to take my coat off and carry it! Between the blue skies and little hints of autumn just starting to peek through it was a perfect day for a walk. Unfortunately I’m an idiot and completely forgot to charge my camera battery the night before, so unsurprisingly it very quickly died. Here are the few photos I actually managed to take:

Yes, those few photos plus the one at the top are all I managed to take! Luckily Jan had his phone on him and in most conditions that actually works better than my camera anyway! Here are the photos he took. A few I requested, but most he just took anyway. A good opportunity to see how our opinions on what needs photographing differ 😉 (Hint: he tends not to take photo of lanterns…)

Is it just me or does that first photo looking through the gate belong in a fairytale? So gorgeous!
We walked around the town for a while and spotted a flea market in the streets around the cathedral. Sadly I didn’t see anything worth buying though. Eventually, we wandered back to the market square to find something for a late lunch. The entire square is on a slope, so all the outdoor tables are kind of wonky. Look what happened to my soup:


The chef must have been practicing because it was the perfect amount not to spill over the edge of the bowl! It was also delicious, and came with some really nice bread. Once we’d eaten we took a slow walk back to the train station where we looked around the book shop for a bit while waiting for the train home. It was a great day out in a really pretty little town (we also saw a wedding going on at the town hall, which is right by the Schlosspark, and I decided if we ever get married I want it to be in Weinheim. Just imagine the pictures we could get in front of the pond/with the towers, etc.!)

As I mentioned at the start, Weinheim was my September trip for the Take 12 Trips challenge with Clare at Need Another Holiday.


9 thoughts on “Weinheim

  1. Very nice! I love these little day trips. I was in the same Weinheim a few years ago with a group of American students – that was their homestay village, and I remember the sloping Marktplatz! Great photos…

  2. You’re lucky Jan and Simone will never get together – she loves her lanterns too much 😉 The photo through the gate is like die Schone und das Biest meets Edward Scissorhands – great stuff! 🙂 And I love the thought of the chef in the kitchen tilting bowls and pouring soup out until it’s just right 🙂

    1. Jan doesn’t take photos of lanterns but he knows I love them so he’ll point our particularly impressive examples for me to take photos of 😉

      Your description of the photo through the gate is spot on! Love it!

  3. That’s a pretty little city! I guess the chef really knows how much soup to put into the bowl. Good work. I always love the bread that comes with the food way too much. I usually eat all of it and then I am full. I really love bread.

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