Lunch Money by Andrew Clements

This was actually the sixth book I read for the 2014 Winter Reading Challenge, but it’s the fourth one I’m reviewing. This is my second book for the category “Read two books with a different meal in each title”, following The Long, Dark Tea-time of the Soul by Douglas Adams, which means I now get to collect my 30 points!

The plot:
Greg Kenton is not like other 12 year old boys. He always has money on his mind, and he’s not afraid to work to make it. Whether it’s doing his older brothers’ chores for them or shovelling snow, if there’s money in it, Greg is happy to do it! When he discovers that almost every kid at school has an extra quarter to spend every day, he comes up with the idea to make and sell comic books… but then his annoying neighbour and rival Maura Shaw starts making her own mini books to sell! Can the two of them learn to work together to get what they both want?

My review:
To be honest, I found this book a little boring, but then I’m not 12 years old! It did have some funny moments and the characters were relatable, but you could see the obvious moral coming right from the start! I’m sure I would have liked it well enought as a child, although it wouldn’t have been among my favourites and I probably wouldn’t have read it more than once. Three stars.


9 thoughts on “Lunch Money by Andrew Clements

  1. Oh I do that when I’m rating books, sometimes I think I should use 10 stars because I have to really dislike a book to give it 2 stars (1s are reserved for books I really hated / couldn’t finish which is ridiculous).
    I love that your meal times include ‘tea’ because to me that is a meal time, i always say it instead of dinner and my husband gave up trying to get me to stop 😉 it really confuses him when i use it for actual tea as well haha

    1. I know, I hate the most review sites will only let you give 5 stars! 1 star is reserved for books I absolutely hated and either didn’t finish or (in the case of Wuthering Heights) eventually managed to finish on the fourth try. Two stars is for books I didn’t enjoy but did manage to get to the end of.

      Where I’m from, tea is the evening meal. I use tea and dinner interchangeably because I’ve spent so much time with people who only know tea as the drink (or in the sense of afternoon tea), but back home it’s ALWAYS tea!

  2. The plot does sound interesting, I think I might have checked it out as a kid. I always feel bad about giving books a bad rating…I don’t know. I always feel like the author put so much effort into it that she/he at least deserves a couple of stars. 🙂 Unless the book is really horrible though.

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