Friday letters

Good morning! I do hope it is a good morning where you are. It’s pretty cold here – I switched to my winter jacket this morning – but it’s not raining at least, which makes a nice change.
Normally this little introduction bit before my Friday letters would be where I talk about my week, but quite honestly I have nothing to say! I have worked, I have cleaned the flat and I have bought a turkey for Christmas dinner day, which is taking place tomorrow. That’s about all. Jan is taking me out for a meal tonight though – he suggested it to make up for seeing pretty much nothing of me last week, so that’s nice. And now on with the letters!

Friday letters

Dear Deutsche Bahn. I know it’s getting cold outside now, but there’s really no need to turn the inside of your trains into ovens!

Dear nails. Stop bloody breaking all the time! I find it unfair that I’ve managed not to bite you for over a year but half of you still look as though I had chewed you to death.

Dear turkey. I’m pretty sure I say this every year but… please defrost in time!

Dear pay day. Hurry up! I need to get on with buying Christmas presents.

Dear people in my life. Speaking of Christmas presents, why are so many of you so difficult to shop for?!

That’s all for today. I don’t even have any links to share with you this week, but Charlotte does, so check out her Friday links post instead. have a great weekend, everyone.

8 thoughts on “Friday letters

    1. It depends where we are – if we go to England there is obviously turkey, this year we’re visiting his parents and I have no idea what will be on the menu! Today is the annual Christmas dinner I make for (mostly German) friends. I’m on a mission to prove that British food isn’t all bad 😉

  1. Did I miss something how comes your having Christmas dinner in November ? Or have I slept all the way through to Christmas day ! lol I also struggle to buy gifts I never have a clue what anyone would like I spend a great amount of time picking things up in a shop then walking half way up the aisle and think no and put it back walk away and then pick it back up again, I must look insane hehe 🙂

    1. I always do a proper British Christmas dinner for my friends before everyone goes home to spend Christmas with their families. I don’t usually do it in November but I have plans for every weekend up til the Christmas holidays so I had to move it forward this year. The alternative would have been to wait til January and hope I could still find a turkey…

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