Christmas dinner day 2014

Yesterday, I made a proper Christmas dinner for my friends, just like I do every year.

First, there was this:

Curried butternut squash and carrot soup
Curried butternut squash and carrot soup

Then there was this (with apologies for the horrible blurriness of the photo… my camera has given up the ghost and apparently I cannot use Jan’s AT ALL!)

Round 1!
Round 1!

Here, you see mashed potato, mashed sweet potato (courtesy of the lovely K), salsify in a Bechamel sauce (thnaks to my neighbour!), roast potatoes, bread sauce, turkey, pigs in blankets, spicy sausage meat stuffing and carrots roasted in cider vinegar and honey with a few chilli flakes. Aaand of course, gravy (real English Bisto!). Not pictured (because I don’t eat it!): broccoli.

Finally, there was this, made by my friend P:

Some kind of dessert made using black bread and rum (it was very nice!) and tri-coloured jelly, which I didn’t eat any of because I was just tooooo full!

Delicious! And, as usual, there are enough leftovers for Jan and I to have Christmas dinner all over again. Score!
I shall leave you with a photo of the turkey, which came out pretty well even if I do say so myself.

Christmas dinner 2014

23 thoughts on “Christmas dinner day 2014

  1. That looks like a serious feast! I’ve never had salsify in bรฉchamel sauce before – in fact I’ve only ever had it in soup-form – but I think I need to try it.
    Also, is there a reason that you guys celebrate Christmas so early?

    1. It’s not usually this early, but the only other Saturday that we don’t have plans is 20th December and a few of our friends will have already left for Christmas then so we had to do it really early this year.

      I had never had salsify in any form before (or even heard of it!).

      1. Ah that makes sense!!
        I thought salsify in a bรฉchamel sauce might be a super British thing, because my bf obsessively watched MasterChef The Professionals, set in England, and everyone on that show seems totally crazy about salsify!

  2. It’s scary how little time there is left until christmas! We are trying to sort out a christmas meal between friends and it appears we will not manage to find a date that suits everyone (I am almost half hoping we decide to do a post-xmas party as I could then spend money on pressies after christmas)

    1. My alternative would have been to wait til January but I wasn’t sure whether I would still get a turkey then and my freezer isn’t big enough to hold one! Also, I suspect the first roughly 3-4 months of next year are going to be RIDICULOUSLY busy!

  3. Yuuum. I can’t wait for Thanksgiving turkey this weekend. I have a group of expat friends who I meet up with for it every year. We live spread all across Europe, so every year it happens somewhere else. Really fun tradition. Anyway, your Christmas dinner looks a lot different than what we always had at my house…which was Swedish meatballs. Oh man all of this is making me incredibly hungry…

  4. That looks like a delicious early Christmas! And woah… that is a lot of food. Hope you had very hungry guests! We’re mentally preparing ourselves for Thanksgiving over here at the moment… the turkey has been ordered and now I just pray it fits in our oven. ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. There were leftovers… lots of leftovers! Jan and I had a whole second Christmas dinner last night and today I shall be using the remaining leftover turkey to make… something.

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