Christmas preparation: Gifts

Rebecca over at is doing a 12 Days of Christmas linkup, with a different theme every two days. I won’t be taking part every time (I don’t even have anything to say for some of the topics!), but I thought I might join in a couple of times.

The first prompt in the link up is Christmas presents, so I thought I’d take the opportunity to moan about how stressful all the buying/wrapping/posting of presents is! So far, I’ve managed to get one package of gifts to the post office and sent on its way to England. For a small fortune, I might add. I think I paid more to send the parcel than I did for all the items inside it! Currently, my spare room floor looks like this:

Christmas gifts

What you see here is part of my godson’s Christmas present (Lego Duplo!), gifts for various other friends’ children, part of my sister’s Christmas gift and some Lebkuchen that’s going to a friend. The book is for my sister as well, but for her birthday which is right after Christ,as. The drawer behind the pile is also full of gifts – these ones are currently living on the floor because the drawer is full! I’m hoping to get two more packages sent off this week, then I just have to work out what to get for the awkward people in my life (I swear my dad’s girlfriend is the most difficult person to buy for on the planet!). I think I can be forgiven for being a little complainy/stressed, don’t you?

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9 thoughts on “Christmas preparation: Gifts

  1. Oh yes my Dad’s wife is the worst to buy for! Which is why I go for the wine… simples! I can imagine that posting parcels to the UK is costing a fortune! Is it cheaper to post to the UK or from the UK I wonder? And oh my god how expensive is Lego?! My little brother wants Lego and I hadn’t realised just how expensive it is these days – I suddenly have much more sympathy for my parents!

    (PS – thanks for joining in the link up!)

    1. She doesn’t drink wine!! She also doesn’t like smellies/perfume, which are usually my go-to gifts for awkward females. And if she gets given chocolates my dad ends up eating most of them because there’s maaaaybe 2 kind she likes in the whole box. It’s a nightmare!

  2. I do find wrapping quite stressful. I’m just not neat at all……my other half is amazing at wrapping presents. It must be a nightmare having to send everything by post. Maybe gift vouchers/cards next year!

    1. It’s not actually that easy to buy gift vouchers for people who live in the UK when you’re in Germany! And I think children prefer having something “real” to unwrap… my godson is only 2!

  3. The only time I’m ever happy that the Russian post can’t be counted on to deliver things within 2 months is during the holiday season! Perfect excuse for online gifts 🙂

  4. Some people are really difficult to shop for. I sent out some gifts on Monday, it’s really expensive to send gifts via airmail. But what will you do. Still not done, I need a gift for my dad. Gifts stress me out!

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