Friday letters – Christmas is a pain in the neck!

So, last night I managed to pull/hurt something in my neck while trying to retrieve a roll of wrapping paper from under the spare bed. I was reaching, then suddenly OUCH! Preparing for Christmas is quite literally a pain in the neck! I ended up going to bed with a hot water bottle to put on my neck and this morning I’m mostly better (I can turn my head again and also move my right arm without pain, which is useful for typing!). At least I managed to get one more box of prezzies ready for sending, so that’s what I’ll be doing after work tonight. Then tomorrow we’re off to the Christmas market at Burg Hohenzollern… for those that don’t speak German, that’s a Christmas market at a castle. So that should be fun. And now, letters.

Mail boxDear person on last night’s train. If you were in such a hurry to get a connection, you could have just asked me to let you leave the train first! Pushing really wasn’t necessary. And how do you know I wasn’t rushing for another train, too?

Dear Iceland. Sorry we can’t come and see you for New Year after all. One day, I hope!

Dear post office. Please don’t steal too much of my money tonight! I still have 3-4 packages to send after this one.

Dear boyfriend. Thanks for wrapping some gifts for me the other night. It was a nice surprise πŸ™‚

Dear cards. Why do you take so long to make? I’m convinced stitching the pictures for you took less time than the transforming into actual cards part!

And now some links:

That be all folks. Have a lovely weekend!


16 thoughts on “Friday letters – Christmas is a pain in the neck!

  1. Aaah I’m glad to hear your neck is already almost better! That wouldn’t be the best early Christmas gift πŸ˜›
    How fun about Valkenburg!!! I actually had no idea!! My bf and I want to go to Brussels this weekend but the thought of 6 hours in a crowded train is rather off-putting … So maybe this is a good alternative? Thanks for the heads up in any case!

  2. Hope your neck makes a full recovery πŸ™‚ The christmas market in a castle sounds magical have a lovely time. Some people on trains have no respect for others ! Oh no your Iceland trip got canceled I’m so sad for you 😦 Hope you can go some other time. It must cost you a fortune to send christmas presents abroad ! Don’t tell me how much il probably pass out lol x

  3. Gute Besserung! Wishing you a speedy recovery!Β΄The shoving getting on and off trains – I will never understand that about the otherwise orderly Germans. I think it’s so fabulous that you crossstich cards to send people – and that you often share your creations with us!

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