Burg Hohenzollern Weihnachtsmarkt


Yesterday, I went to the Christmas market at Burg Hohenzollern (a castle near Stuttgart) with Jan and two of our friends. We booked a day trip through a company called Binder Reisen, so we were picked up in Pforzheim in a mini bus, switched to a larger bus in Vahingen and were brought to a car park near the castle from where a shuttle bus took us the rest of the way up. The Christmas market is only on for the first two advent Sundays (and this was the second), so if you want to go you’ve unfortunately missed out this year, but there’s always next year. We paid €27 each for the bus and entrance to the Christmas market.

Down in the valley it was raining, but up at the castle it was snowing and apparently had also snowed a lot in the days prior… the trees looked beautiful! Unfortunately, it was also foggy so taking photos was difficult but I did my best!

There were a few stalls inside the main bit of the castle as well, but no photos were allowed in there.
After checking out all the stalls and partaking in a few Glühweins, we decided it was time to eat something. I had a venison steak, which was delicious (and not something you find at just any Christmas market!). Jan went for the wild boar sausage, which I tried a bit of, and which was also amazing. After trying some hot red mead (seriously delicious!) it was time for a walk around the castle grounds. Away from the market, it was freezing but also beautiful.

I may have gone slightly overboard taking photos of the snow-covered branches, but it really was beautiful!
Somebody had built some little snowmen on the wall and I couldn’t resist photographing them.

After our walk around the castle, we were all freezing so we returned to the main market for some more hot red mead (told you it was delicious!) and to listen to the carol singers before heading for the shuttle bus that would take us back down to where our coach was meeting us. When I first realised we would only have about 3 hours at the market, I thought it wouldn’t be long enough, but it turned out to be the perfect amount of time. It ended up being a lovely day, and definitely different to an ordinary Christmas market. I would highly recommend checking this out if you get the chance. In my opinion, it was well worth it! (Even if we did spend more time travelling than actually at the market!)


26 thoughts on “Burg Hohenzollern Weihnachtsmarkt

  1. Lovely photos of the snow and ice-covered branches! They really are pretty. I’m glad to read about this Christmas market, as I’ve known of it but haven’t gone. My kids, husband, and I went there for a tour last winter, but it was after the market had closed. Perhaps we’ll go next year, based on your comments/recommendation. It’s not at all far from us!

    1. It really is worth it! Not as crowded as other Christmas markets (presumably because you have to pay to get in and drive to get there) and it really is a nice atmosphere with the castle in the background. The snow made it extra special 🙂

  2. Wow it looks so christmassy and magical, Love the photos with the snow on the trees. I went to a christmas market yesterday but it wasn’t all that good this place looks amazing though 🙂

    1. There’s no snow where I am – only in the mountains. Being a defensive type castle, this was up high. It was raining where the bus dropped us off, then gradually turned to sleet then snow as we got higher up.

  3. Love all the snow and the mist! What a great choice for a day trip… definitely something different than the usual Christmas market in the town square. Hohenzollern has been on my list for a while, and good to know it’s lovely no matter the weather!

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