Merry Christmas!

I wasn’t supposed to get a Christmas tree… we had originally planned on going away for the holidays and Jan doesn’t believe in putting up trees any earlier than Christmas Eve. Then when we spontaneously decided to stay, I assumed there wouldn’t be time. But then Jan surprised me with this little fellow:

Christmas treeEven though it’s not very big, I didn’t have enough decorations to fill it and I have no topper because I’ve never had a tree before, but it’s cute and festive and looks pretty all lit up. I’m very happy with my first ever Christmas tree.

Lit Christmas treeMerry Christmas everyone! I hope you’re all having a wonderful time, wherever and however you’re celebrating. And now I’m off to eat pancakes filled with mince and vegetables followed by apple crumble. Christmas is for eating, after all!

22 thoughts on “Merry Christmas!

  1. Such a cute tree! We have a cheating artificial one but it’s not quite the same as a real one, it doesn’t have that gorgeous pine smell (though somehow seems to drop as many needles as a real one would)/ Have a lovely Christmas x

    1. Obviously we had a family tree when I was growing up but we’re not normally home for Christmas so I’ve never had my own.

      Funny that you think I’m christmassy. This is not christmassy!! My grandpa was the most christmassy person I knew!

      1. Those damn cards are going to haunt me forever aren’t they? I only made them as a way to finally get some use out of my cross stitch magazines!

        Buying presents in November is a necessity if I’m going to have any chance of getting them out in time. I sent 6 packages this year and there was no way I was dragging them all to the post office in one go!

        I love Christmas markets (Glühwein!!) and the excuse to give people presents, but actually I think Christmas itself is for the under 10s.. and possibly parents of small children. I can make cards and buy and wrap presents, drink a boatload of Glühwein without actually being Christmassy – all that stuff is to make people who DO like Christmas happy.

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