2015 goals

I mentioned a few days ago that I was working on a list of resolutions, or goals, for the year. I know traditionally you’re supposed to have resolutions all ready to go from the 1st of January so you can start making yourself feel bad immediately πŸ˜‰ but I decided not to do that this year. A few of mine are more goals for after we move anyway, rather than for 2015. Others I already had in mind at the end of last year and have actually started working on. And now, without further ado, I shall get on with it…

  1. Make an effort to get out in the fresh air more. This will be especially important after we move, when I will be working from and won’t even have my daily commute to get me out of the house, but it would have been on my list even if we were staying in Karlsruhe. I spend far too much of my time sitting around at home or in the pub, which may be fun but it’s no good for my health! This year I want to make more of an effort to get outside and enjoy the fresh air… especially when it’s sunny! I waste so many beautiful weekends lolling around in my PJs. If I’m going to avoid the housework anyway, I might as well avoid it somewhere where it isn’t staring me in the face! Also, once I move I will no longer have to leave the house to go to work, so I’m going to have to make a real effort to at least go for a quick walk every day to avoid going mad!
  2. Get more exercise. By which I mean get any exercise at all! Apart from when we’re visiting a city, which always involves a lot of walking, my only exercise consists of bringing the shopping home from the supermarket and walking to the pub. That’s something I’m determined to change this year. I’m sure my health (and my giant backside!) will thank me in the end.
  3. Throw away less food. I’m afraid I have to confess that a lot of what I buy either goes out of date or turns green before I actually get round to using it. Not only is this a terrible waste of resources and the exact opposite of environmentally friendly… it’s also not exactly good for my bank balance. I want to stop wasting food anyway because of the first two points, but the money aspect will become a very real problem once we move and start having to pay Swiss prices for things. It’s time to start paying attention to what’s in my fridge and actually using food up in time!
  4. Save money. Which mostly means curbing my Amazon habit (cheap books are my greatest weakness!) and avoiding buying clothes that I don’t actually need just because they have cute animals on them. Switzerland has a much higher cost of living than Germany and I’ll still be earning the same wage! Saving desperately needs to happen.
  5. Once we move, make an effort to get out and meet people. I am terrible with people I don’t know, especially large groups of people I don’t know. In Switzerland, I’m not going to know anybody and it’s not as though I can make new friends through work. My natural instinct would be to hole up in the flat with my cross stitch and my blog, but I’ve done that before and it was a horribly lonely existence. Making friends as an adult is hard, but I know I need to do it if I’m going to be happy in my new home. Obviously I’m not expecting to find a whole new group of friends straight away, but I want to at least be able to say I tried!
  6. Read 70 books. This is a goal I’ve set for myself on Good Reads, and normally I would say “easy-peasy”! But after March I will no longer be commuting every day, which means I’m actually going to have to purposely make time to read. Wish me luck!
  7. And finally, a goal for the first three months of 2015… i.e. the time I have left in Karlsruhe. While I’m still here, I want to make an effort to visit all those places I’ve been meaning to check out for ages, as well as revisiting places that I enjoyed once but never went back to. Among other things, I need to have high tea at Sukie’s, drink cocktails at Kofferaum again and try the Portuguese restaurant that’s supposed to be really good. And of course it would be nice if we could win one more pub quiz before we go!

I think that’s it. Seven seems like a lot of goals for one year, but I think they’re all realistic enough. Here’s to a fabulous 2015!

20 thoughts on “2015 goals

  1. “You’re supposed to have your list all ready to go on 1st January so you can start making yourself feel bad immediately…” HA! So true! I can’t remember the last time I made a resolution; I rather feel like that’s setting myself up for failure. I’m the type who adds something to my to-do list after I’ve done it just so I can cross it off! πŸ™‚

    That said, I’ve pondered the resolutions idea a few times after reading others’ lists, and I kid you not – my hypothetical list would have begun with the exact same three yours did, in that same order! We are actually better about not wasting food than I was in the U.S., but not yet good enough.

    Good luck with your goals! I bet you’ll achieve them.

  2. I noticed that once I stopped commuting I also read SO much less. Definitely trying to get back in the habit! Good luck on your 2015 goals!

  3. This is a good list and I share many of your goals. One of your goals is to get out in the fresh air – you should take walks and listen to audiobooks, then you’ll knock out two goals in one go! πŸ™‚

  4. I’m also pretty terrible for staying in when the sun is shining and then for kicking myself when it’s back to being cold and miserable all the time. I made more of an effort last year but this year I will be making more effort again! Just in general, we’re going to try and do something every other weekend, to keep us leaving the house haha.

    We’re much better with food now we started making a shopping/dinner list each week. We also get around the wasting by being quite flexible with the dates on things. If it smells alright and there’s no mould, we eat it πŸ™‚

    Good luck with your goals! Looking forward to hearing all about them during the year πŸ™‚

    1. I am terrible for buying something with the intention of cooking it then being too tired(/lazy!) after work to make anything proper, so we end up with a quick and easy meal while the stuff I bought slowly rots. I maaay at various times have thrown out aubergines that had turned brown and started to liquify…

  5. Those are admirable goals! 70 books – wow! I was amazed when a friend on GoodReads put up 60 books as her challenge for the year. Mine is a puny (comparably) 21, and I’m almost done with number three. And wasting less food is a great goal…I’ve got that problem with veggies most often.

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