Friday letters

It’s Friday again! I feel like this week has gone both incredibly slowly and far too fast. There’s only one more week of January left and we haven’t heard from the taxt advisers or contacted a single person about flats yet. Eeek!

Here are this week’s Friday letters:

Mail boxDear Rossman cashier. When you’re telling me how much money to hand over, would it really kill you to say “please”?

Dear work. Why are you always either stupidly busy or far too quite? A happy medium would be nice!

Dear tax advisers. Hurry uuup! Getting nervous here.

Dear cute puppies who are often on a walk near my work when I arrive. I will miss you when I’m a telecommuter.

Dear Kraft Foods. How dare you mess with Cadbury’s Creme Eggs? If they’re not made with Dairy Milk, they’re not Creme Eggs!

Dear sweet potato. You’re so tasty! I would eat you every day if peeling and chopping you wasn’t such a pain!

Dear January sales. Stop tempting me with your cheap clothing. I have neither the space nor the money for new clothes!

That’s all from me. Happy weekend, everyone!

26 thoughts on “Friday letters

  1. I hear you on the january sales they have been so tempting but I have managed to not buy a single thing. Aw seeing cute puppies every morning must start your day of with a smile. Have a good weekend too πŸ™‚

    1. Haha, we only want the taxman to advise us on where to live! I want to start looking at flats… we want to start renting one in March and that isn’t far away :-/

      Not sure on blogger meet up. I suck at organising and nobody seems to want to help :-/ The people who organised last time have both left Germany now!

      1. Silly people – why would anyone want to leave Germany? πŸ˜‰ I guess we could just pick a weekend in the middle of February and whoever shows up, shows up. I don’t know Cologne at all though so someone else can pick a venue!

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