11 years

Lady and the trampJan and I have been together for 11 years today! A long time. Unfortunately, he has choir practice tonight so we won’t be celebrating until the weekend.

Apparently, if this were a wedding anniversary, it would be steel.
In German, numbers made up of repeating digits are calles Schnapszahlen (in maths, they use the English term repdigits. Boring!). The term Schnapszahl comes from the fact that in lots of dice games if all the dice added together make a number with all the same digits, the person who rolled it has to drink a schnapps. Sounds like a much better gift than steel to me πŸ˜‰

So much has changed since our last anniversary, and I’m really looking forward to starting a new adventure together. Here’s to (at least) another 11 years!

37 thoughts on “11 years

  1. Love your random facts there ha! Happy steel non-wedding anniversary! 11years is quite a length of time! When did we get old enough to be able to have a partner for 11 years!

  2. Now that is interesting… I’d never heard of repdigits (nor has the WP spellchecker, evidently), and I thought that Schnapszahl came from the “fact” that when you’re very pissed, you start to see double!

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