Friday (the 13th!) letters

Hi everyone! I’m very glad today is Friday… this week has been exhausting! So much going on at work, and I haven’t been getting a tonne of sleep either (thanks, boyfriend who grinds his teeth in his sleep!). I won’t have much of a chance to relax over the weekend either… tomorrow we have three flat viewings in Basel, the first of which is at 11 a.m., meaning we’ll be setting off at 8 a.m.. *Yawn*. Anyway… I’ll try and think of some letters for you, even though I haven’t been doing much of interest this week. Most of my free time has been spent scrolling through flat websites trying to figure out whether we’ve already replied to that particular ad (and getting accused of being a robot for my pains!).

Mail box

Dear tomorrow’s flats. I hope either one of you or last week’s works out because I really don’t feel like spending another Saturday running round Basel (or another week desperately trying to find new adverts to respond to that aren’t only available from 1st May, i.e too late).

Dear boyfriend. Please go to the dentist and get a new bite guard or I may have to murder you in your sleep!

Dear tea. You have been my saviour again this week. Without you, I would either have frozen to death or fallen asleep at my desk ❀

Dear weather. I know February is statistically the coldest month, but could we at least have some sun? I’m so sick of clouds!

Dear self. Here’s a reminder: buy stamps! Also, find your customer number and write a termination letter to your Internet provider.

Dear friends/family with birthdays coming up. All of your cards and gifts will be late. I apologise.

Dear fellow bloggers. Once again, I apologise if I haven’t been by to say hello recently, but if you read the introductory paragraph you have your explanation.

That’s your lot for today. It’s supposed to be my lunch break, but I need to cut it short so I can get a translation finished by the end of the day. Have a great weekend, everyone!

29 thoughts on “Friday (the 13th!) letters

  1. Sounds like a stressful time! Just don’t murder Jan – I’m sure that would only add to your stress πŸ˜‰ Beautiful sunny weather here the last few days – I’ll send some your way πŸ™‚

      1. No, I haven’t read that one. Didn’t he also write “Am Beispiel Meines Bruders”? I vaguely remember that being mentioned while I was studying on my year abroad. I think we read a short chapter from it?

  2. I hope one of the apartments worked out over the weekend! How did they go in the end?

    Ahh, teeth grinding, that must sound horrible! My bf snores, but if I fall asleep before him I can’t hear it, but if I’m awake, it drives me insane!

    1. We have picked up forms for them all, but other people are interested so all we can do is fill in the forms and then wait and see if we get chosen. In the meantime, we continue searching the websites and making appointments.

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