Slow progress is progress too…

So far we have viewed a total of seven flats. In Basel. Where we currently do not live. This has involved three trips to Basel so far – a two hour drive from Karlsruhe. And we have written to many, many more. For some, we get an auto-reply saying to call a number. Others respond with “sorry, no viewings on weekends!”. One said the flat in question was already gone, another that they’d already had more than 40 applications so it wasn’t worth us taking the trip to Basel!Β And one of the seven we’ve viewed has also rejected us. Jan has now arranged another 4 viewings on Friday – he’ll be attending those alone because I have to work. Then I’ll go to Basel straight from work on Friday and we’ll stay overnight because we have another viewing on Saturday. At 8 am! Yes, you read that correctly. Now Jan is phoning more people to try and persuade them to let us view flats on Saturday. Are you exhausted on our behalf yet? If any of you ever decides to move to Switzerland, this is what you’ll have to do to find a flat! (And this is just Basel… we’ve been told it’s even worse in Zurich.)

The next thing on my list...
The next thing on my list…

Meanwhile, I still haven’t packed more than one box. And I did that back in January when it was bulk rubbish day and I took out a bookcase that I no longer wanted. I have managed to sort msot of my crafting supplies into various containers, which will make it much easier to transport, and I’ve sorted out the many bills from my Internet provider that I never got round to putting away properly because they weren’t pre-holepunched and I’m lazy! I’ve also written to cancel said Internet contract and received a response saying they’ll accept my special termination if I send them my re-registration form to prove I no longer live in their supply area. Unfortunately, I can’t do that until I actually have de-registered in Germany and registered in Switzerland (yes, the Swiss make you register as a resident as well!). So, not much progress has been made, but I have managed to cross two things off my list (cancel Internet and cancel Bahncard 100). Oh, and I’ve handed in my holiday form to make sure I can get the last week in April off to move – I’m just assuming we’ll actually have a flat to move into by that time! Even slow progress is progress, right?

36 thoughts on “Slow progress is progress too…

  1. My friend lived in Switzerland for a while. Said it was the most godawful place. Rules, rules, rules and no outlets for people to have fun. So they kill themselves. But I’m sure it will be fine for you πŸ˜‰

    1. I expect it’s just as bad in the bigger cities in Britain – anywhere that lots of people want to live but there isn’t enough housing. I hope this is the last time we’ll be moving for a while, though!

  2. I do not envy you! My Swiss experience was a bit easier, managed to find a flat relatively quickly and I moved out first leaving the fiancΓ© to do all the packing and follow me a few months later. This was great for me but he left as ‘non-essential’ so many kitchen items I’ve annoying had to rebuy at three times the price (did you notice yet, that it’s a little pricey in Switzerland :)?). Good luck with the flat huntings, you’ll find one eventually. If things start getting really bad apparently pretending you are pregnant, and therefore unlikely to leave anytime soon, helps.

    1. In our case, Jan is moving first and I get to be the one to finish the packing and follow. We’re hoping to send most of the big furniture with him in March though – I’ll just have to live without a couch for a month!

      We’ve seen SO MANY flats that say “no children” in the ad, so the pretending could backfire πŸ˜‰ Surely that’s discrimination?! I don’t really want to move again anytime soon, so hopefully we will be staying a while! Although if worst comes to worst we may just have to take any old place for a few months and carry on looking.

      1. Lucky Jan! I lived with no more furniture than a fold out seat/mattress for first couple of weeks although did get furniture after that. I did pick a temporary place for my first couple of months in Geneva which did make my flat hunting easier and took the pressure off, and we didn’t move any furniture.
        You’d never get away with a ‘no children’ policy in the UK. Although I did read in one flat contract that there was to be no noise after 11pm, no flushing of bathrooms,etc. although a child crying was allowed., as if you might be able to control that!

      2. No flushing?! *Shudder*
        We have to move everything! Jan’s new employer is paying for a removal company though, so we’re getting them to do almost everything in March then we’ll just take the few bits I keep once I move in April.

      3. I know! But you’ll be pleased to know that isn’t everywhere, my place is much more relaxed. That’s good news with the removal company. And don’t worry about not having found somewhere yet, you’ve still got some time.

    1. Either already gone or they refuse to even let you look at it on the weekend. I can’t keep taking random afternoons off all the time! And next week Jan is away with work so he was like “you’re just going to have to find a way to get to Basel during office hours.” Right. Thanks.

    1. In one of the flats we looked at, the current tenant told us there aren’t enough flats for all the people that want one. Apparently Zurich is even worse than Basel – one of his friends looked for a YEAR before finding anything!
      If we had an unlimited budget it would be easier, but we’ve already upped the rent we’re willing to pay twice and we just can’t afford any more :-/

  3. Whew… sounds like you two definitely have your work cut out for you. You’ll find something though, dishwasher hopefully included! Packing is horrible, totally agree. I always have to get in the mood for that (or cleaning), and then I just bang it all out at once. I recommend a bottle of wine and a marathon of a favorite show or movies in the background. πŸ™‚

    1. If I’d known it wasn going to be this annoying I would have a) insisted on started to look in December and b) take a week off work just to go and look at flats! Now I have too much work to be able to spontaneously take any time off.

  4. I feel your pain. Today, we were given 90 notice to vacate. 90 days is very considerate. BUT finding a place in Australia to meet our needs is pretty difficult as well. I need a minimum of 4 bedrooms, and I need them to allow pets. Viewings are at ridiculous times as well, applications are difficult, and things get leased immediately. Again, I feel your pain.

  5. It sounds quite stressful and tiresome. We didn’t have too much trouble finding a place to stay in Belgium, we came over for a week and ended up taking a place that was advertised with the estate agents, instead of individual people that you had to call to ask for a visit. I do find that a little weird, just emailing or phoning a number…

    Still, I will wish you more and more luck! And some energy!

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