Friday letters: the end of February

February is over! Well, practically. There’s still tomorrow to get through. Then it will be March… the month that Jan was supposed to be moving. Actually, the month Jan has to move seeing as he starts his new job on the 1st of April!! Today I am leaving work early to go to Basel again. Jan is already there, and has about 10 flats to view today. I wish I was exaggerating! Then we’ll be staying overnight because we have another viewing tomorrow… at 8 a.m. In the meantime, we’ve had our second rejection. Oh joy. Here are this week’s letters. Apologies in advance for any negativity.

letter box

Dear Basel flat owners/agencies. Please could one of you just offer us a flat?! If I’d known it was going to be this difficult I would have started looking in December, and then taken a week off just to go to viewings.

Dear February. I know you’re the shortest month, but you’ve gone by way too fast this year! Between work and flat hunting, I’ve forgotten what a social life even is… and I still haven’t been to 90% of the places in Karlsruhe I wanted to visit before we leave.

Dear boyfriend. I know it’s your birthday on Sunday, and I’m very sorry, but the main part of your present hasn’t actually arrived yet. I’m hoping it will be waiting for me when we get back from Basel tomorrow!

Dear weather. How kind of you to be sunny/warm all week then start to rain just as we reach the weekend! (//end sarcasm)

Dear books. When did you get to be so many? I packed 2 boxes with you last night, yet anyone coming to our flat for the first time would assume all my books were still on the bookcases! I think we may need another bookcase once we’re in the new flat!

Dear work. Thank you for letting me leave early today (and last Friday). I will make it up to you once we finally find somewhere to live!

That’s all folks. I hope your weekend is less busy/stressful than mine is shaping up to be.


33 thoughts on “Friday letters: the end of February

    1. The amount Jan is looking at today surely ONE of them has to want us?! Most of them are actually just outside Basel though, which isn’t really what we wanted so will probably mean ANOTHER move in a year (although if Jan’s trial period doesn’t work out, we’ll have to move in 6 months anyway)

  1. Sounds like you have had a stressful February ! I hope you find a flat, the time for a social life and to visit those places you wanted to see before you leave. Although it probably won’t happen there just doesn’t seem to be enough hours in the day, maybe we should make days longer ?!? 🙂

    1. I had a text from Jan saying of the ones he saw this morning 1 was ok, one was nice but the location is “meh” and the third one is NICE (his caps). Now he’s off to the next one.

      1. Who knows. We’ve filled in and emailed 8 forms, but we won’t find out the decision for 1-2 weeks probably. In the meantime, we continue to search…

  2. Love that you added a little bit of HTML into your writing there (//blogger talk). Sorry to hear of your second rejection. I really, really do hope that you are able to find something this weekend. In the meantime, enjoy the fact that it is March.

  3. I hope you two had a nice time celebrating on Sunday!

    Flat hunting sounds like such a drama! What kind of reasons do they give for rejecting you? That sounds a bit strange, shouldn’t you reject them?!

  4. Sounds like you have a lot on your plate. Good luck with finding a flat and with the move! It’s been raining here as well on the weekends and to be honest, I don’t mind too much, it gives me a chance to just sit at home and try to relax.

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