Friday letters (need more time!)

It’s Friday again! I can’t believe how time is flying. Only one more week of work after today, then I move that weekend, have a week off to sort myself out and as of may I’m officially a telecommuter (and resident of Switzerland). Phew. I feel like a week is far too little time to get myself sorted out, though – especially while working. I think I need Bernard’s watch (anyone remember that?)!

Eye'm watching you...Dear Rossmann employee. There’s really no use asking me for my postcard at 8 am… I can barely remember my own name then!

Dear bookshop. I spent way too long in you yesterday looking for a book with an alliterative title and didn’t find a single one. Not even Angela’s Ashes – which most people seem to be using for the challenge – or Rob Roy, which is supposedly a classic. I didn’t even spot Gone Girl (which would have been useless to me anyway since I’ve already read it, but given its popularity you’d think you’d at least stock it!). Now I’m going to have to order it, and as Switzerland has no Amazon of its own, it will come from another country and go through customs. If I fail to complete the challenge in time due to books arriving late I’m blaming you!

Dear Switzerland. Why you no has Amazon?

Dear to-do list. Why aren’t you getting any shorter? I have so much to do and so little time before the big move!

Dear Basel. See you again soon!

Happy Friday everyone! I hope the sun shines for you this weekend (and for us – we’re going to a wedding!).

19 thoughts on “Friday letters (need more time!)

  1. I remember Bernard’s watch! Would absolutely love one of those! Lack of Amazon in Swissland is annoying but there are somethings you can order from other amazon sites (I still use to be delivered here without much of an extra delivery charge though.

    1. I mostly only use it for cheap English books, so hopefully that will still work… or there’ll be somewhere in Basel to buy English books cheaply (there isn’t in Karlsruhe).

  2. No Amazon? For the second time today, I’m speechless. I think I’d be panicking. How does one function without Amazon?? Maybe you’ll need to befriend someone just across the border so you can use their address. But wait, that might be smuggling. I wonder what the penalty would be for smuggling books?

  3. No Amazon?? I rely on Amazon a lot of the time! That would be so rubbish!!! I get a lot of books from Amazon. Angela’s Ashes is amazing – I recommend it!! If you can find it though, obviously!

  4. Belgium doesn’t have an Amazon either, or many of its own online shops. I always order from either the German or Dutch websites. But since Belgium is nicely in the EU, it’s probably a lot less hassle than Switzerland!

    1. For some reason it doesn’t surprise me as much that Belgium doesn’t have its own Amazon!

      Yes, I have a feeling I’m going to learn to appreciate the EU so much more when I’m not in it!

  5. I thought I was literally the only kid that watched Bernard’s watch ! Did not know Switzerland does’t have Amazon I learn something new everyday, do they have an alternative to Amazon? To do lists never get shorter there never ending 🙂

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