Let’s talk about Swiss prices

So, I made it to Switzerland! I actually managed to get all the cleaning done in time and the move itself went smoothly. It was a looong day though, hence no blog post last night.

I’ve got this week off to get settled in, so since Jan is at work, I went shopping today. Here’s what I bought:


That little lot cost me 34 Swiss francs, which is 32 euros and 82 cents or 23 pounds 49p. I think it’s about time Jan got his first Swiss pay check!

37 thoughts on “Let’s talk about Swiss prices

  1. I feel your pain. We’ve almost become vegetarian by default as meat, in particular, is so expensive here. Once the Swiss salary starts rolling in though, that’ll help. And the plus side of living somewhere really expensive is that once you’ve got used to that then going almost everywhere else is a delight as it’ll seem so cheap by comparison.

    1. I bought meat today as it was on sale. We’ll definitely be eating a lot less of it though! Luckily I have to go into the office in Germany once a month so I can pick up some stuff then. I’ll be glad of the Swiss wage though! Mine is pennies here.

      1. I’ve just had to googlemaps Basel to check its location (geography has never been my strong point) I hadn’t realised it was so close to both countries.

  2. Oh man, I was waiting for this inevitable post! A friend lived in Switzerland for a study abroad semester and said she absolutely loved everything EXCEPT the outrageously high prices on pretty much everything!

  3. If you ever want to eat out *relatively* inexpensively (by Swiss standards), try the Markthalle by the HB. Lots of international food choices for under 15 CHF. We just came back from a trip through the Schwarzwald and were very happy to have a meal for two in a restaurant in Freiburg for 20 euros, and we were stuffed to the gills. Yes, cross the border since you are close!

    1. I knew it was expensive (especially eating out!), but I thought I might find a few cheaper things in the shops. Yoghurts are fairly normally priced though so maybe I’ll just live on them ๐Ÿ˜‰

    1. I’ve found a discount supermarket now which I hope will make things slightly better, but yeah it’s pretty redic! Luckily the boyfriend now earns Swiss wages to match, but we will be limiting nights out etc. to once a month, I think… or popping to Germany a lot!

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