The British Tag

unionflagI recently read this post on Becster’s blog and immediately wanted to join in with the tag as well. Because I’m British and it looked like fun, ok? The idea is really simple… all I have to do is answer the questions.

Question 1: How many cups of tea do you have a day and how many sugars in your tea?
It depends, but usually at least three. One when I get up (which my boyfriend makes me), one when I start working and one in the afternoon. Sometimes I’ll have an extra one in the morning, or if I don’t go out at lunch time I’ll have one then and another after work, so it can be up to six. Milk, no sugar please. And the tea needs to be strong – builder’s tea all the way!

Question 2: Favourite part of your roast?
Potatoes! I can never decide whether I like roasties or mash better though. And if there are Yorkshire Puddings then those too. But right now any part of a roast would be my favourite because I just want a real British roast dinner without having to cook it myself. I miss British pubs!

Question 3: Favourite dunking biscuit?
I don’t dunk biscuits in my tea because the idea of soggy biscuits makes me shudder. But biscuits for eating with tea have to be Bourbon Creams. I’ll also take Chocolate Hobnobs if you’re offering though.

Question 4: Favourite quintessentially British past time?
Afternoon tea! So many Germans are convinced we Brits partake in tea and scones every day at 5 p.m. I wish we did!

TeaQuestion 5: Favourite word?
Canny. Not the standard English version (which means shrewd), but northern usage which can mean anything. She’s a canny lass = she’s a nice girl, it’s canny caad = it’s quite cold, gan canny (to someone who’s about to drive home) = drive carefully or more generally just take care, gan canny wi’ the vodka = be careful with it, use/drink it sparingly (i.e. don’t get too drunk). How can you not love such a versatile word?

Question 6: Cockney rhyming slang?
I don’t know much (even though we learned about it in school once), but I did teach the boyfriend what barnet (as in barnet fair) means. Oh, and my dad’s always saying “Giz a butcher’s” – as in butcher’s hook = look.

Question 7: Favourite sweet?
Milk bottles! Yes, I may actually be 5. I also love chocolate limes though and have bought them back from the UK with me numerous times.

Question 8: What would your pub be called?
Probably something boring like “The Red Lion” because I have no imagination! Oh, I know, The Beehive because Bee is one of my nicknames and I would get to decorate using a bee theme.

Question 9: No 1 British person?
Eddie Izzard! I love him so much. Or Alan Shearer because he’s a Geordie hero and we share a birthday. (I did also like Becster’s answer of Alan Rickmann though).

Question 10: Favourite shop/restaurant?
In Britain? That’s actually really hard seeing as I don’t live there any more. I think I’d have to go with Barter Books in Alnwick though.

Question 11: What British song pops into your head?
In Your World by Muse, mostly because they’re performing at a festival in Switzerland this summer and I was looking up prices yesterday so they’ve been on my mind anyway.

Question 12: Marmite – love it or hate it?
Ugh, hate it! I used to have a housemate who loved it and I would have to leave the room when she spread it on her toast because I couldn’t even stand the smell of the stuff!

Have you done this tag? I would love to see your answers!


11 thoughts on “The British Tag

  1. oh my gosh, i miss milk bottles. yum. i have my tea the same – nice and strong, and no sugar please! i normally have 3 a day as well. i figure, it’s better than 3 coffees right? lol

    1. If I make a roast we have roasties and mash. But I always like to leave my favourite item of food til last and I can never decide whether I want my last bite to be roastie or mash 😉

  2. Love your tea pots!! Of course, Luke and I both drink a LOT of tea! I have this tag on my ‘to do’ list too now. I love all these things that make me so British!

  3. I’m a three a day, up to six kinda girl too 🙂
    Milk bottles all the way, particularly the ones they do in ASDA with the icing sugar on… they are to die for.

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