A final visit to Karlsruhe zoo

While going through some photos that were still on my camera, I realised I hadn’t uploaded these ones from Karlsruhe zoo yet. The week before I left for good, Jan and I went with some friends to say a final goodbye to the animals. The red pandas in particular, of course. It was a beautiful sunny day – perfect for a stroll around the zoo. Here are a few impressions from our afternoon out:

A separate gallery for my favourite little pandas πŸ™‚ You’re going to want to click on some of these to enlarge then. Trust me!!

Some more animals, including the dwarf otters that sound exactly like squeaky dog toys!

I know there are mixed opinions about zoos, and I do feel a bit guilty seeing the animals behind bars, but in the end the chance to actually see such animals (even if it is caged in) always wins. I just love their little faces too much to resist. Sorry if you think that makes me a bad person.


16 thoughts on “A final visit to Karlsruhe zoo

  1. I know how you feel about Zoos. I went to the Karlsruhe Zoo recently because I wanted to see all the lovely animals, to be honest the only animals that really broke my heart were the Polar Bears. They really don’t handle captivity well, but most likely they would be dead in the wild. :/

    1. The polar bears always make me sad. No zoo anywhere has enough space for them. The ones in Karlsruhe were born in captivity though, so hopefully they don’t know what they’re missing.

    1. Yes, I always think if I was an animal I would be happy to have someone bringing my food and not have to watch out for predators. As long as the enclosures are big enough I tend to think it’s ok.

  2. I never know how to feel about zoos. One argument is that people would never get the chance to develop an empathy for animals if it wasn’t for opportunities like these and they are cared for. But you do wish you could ask the animals! X

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