My first Foodie Penpals reveal!

I heard about Foodie Penpals from Meredith, who blogs over at Kaffee und Kuchen, and was immediately interested. I mean, the only thing that could possibly be better than receiving mail that isn’t bills is receiving mail that isn’t bills and consists of yummy food. I went and signed up immediately and then had to wait a whole week for May’s matches to come out. With Foodie Penpals, you receive not one match but two – one person to send some treats to and one who sends you goodies. My package came from Birute in Lithuiana. I wasn’t clever enough to photograph the individual items separately so all you’re getting is this crappy snapshot 😉

Lithuanian foodImmediately after taking that photo, I devoured the little chocolate bar you can see at the front, in between the cheese and the instant mashed potatoes. Most of the rest is gone now as well – the cheese went on a home-made pizza, the sweets gradually disappeared over a few days and a small piece of the dark chocolate went into some vegetarian chilli (dark chocolate in chilli is amazing! Seriously, go try it!). Only the tea bags are still hanging on (that’s the pretty box at the back). They contain a tea with thyme, mallow root and… I don’t remember what else (sorry – too lazy to go and look in the cupboard). I was very impressed with my first foodie package 🙂

My other partner was Emma from England, who blogs at Something New Each Week. Unfortunately I haven’t heard yet whether her package has arrived – I hope it has though because I sent it at the same time as I sent another package to a friend (also in England) and hers arrived over a week ago. Here’s a little sneaky peek of what I sent to Emma anyway:

Swiss foodsFoodie Penpals is taking a break in June because the lovely Carol Anne who runs it is off on holiday, but if you’re interested in taking part in July you can read the rules and sign up here. (This is the European version, for those of you in the US/Canada, the original Foodie Penpals on The Lean Green Bean is here.)


25 thoughts on “My first Foodie Penpals reveal!

  1. what a fun idea!! i have a blogger friend who is from the US but lives in Australia, so we send each other food that we both miss lol. It sure is handy because I miss food from home so much!

  2. So happy you had a great first month of Foodie Pen Pals! I also got those coffee sweets from Lithuania in March. 🙂

    My package is slowly disappearing – so many good things to enjoy from England!

    1. Yeah. You only need 1-2 squares. I normally use a sharpish knife to scrape bits off, then when it’s too small, just drop the remainder in. It has to be really dark chocolate though – at least 75% cocoa!

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