Basel Markthalle

Basel Markthalle

The May Day weekend was too rainy to really go anywhere (the photo above was taken the following week when the sun finally showed its face!), but seeing as it was both a long weekend and my first weekend in my new home it seemed a bit of a shame to spend the entire time at home. We had seen the Markthalle (literally market hall) a few times from the tram and another blogger had mentioned it as being a place where you could get relatively cheap food (cheap is always relative in Switzerland, unless you’re talking about taxes), so we decided to check it out. Unfortunately, a lot of the stalls were closed for the long weekend, including this one that was the very first thing I spotted when we walked in:

Basel MarkthalleIf you look closely you’ll se the words “Pie another day” on the stall 😀
Oh well, at least now I know where to go when I have a craving for pie and mash that isn’t made by me!
Here are some more photos. The place was fairly empty when we were there – I’m not sure whether we were just too early for the lunchtime rush or everyone else knew it wasn’t worth going on May day weekend.

We finally decided to purchase lunch from a stall selling Lebanese cuisine. They also have a restaurant just round the corner from where we live so checking it out seemed like a good idea. I chose a mixed plate so I could have both meat and vegetables. You could choose between a chicken or lamb kebab – I went for lamb while Jan had chicken.

Just look at all that hummus!
Just look at all that hummus!

I also had a Lebanese lager, which you can just about spy behind my plate. It was okay, but nothing special.
This was a whole month ago and I’m useless so I don’t actually remember what this plate of food cost, but it was definitely less than in an ordinary Swiss restaurant! I will certainly be visiting the Basel Markthalle again – apart from my need for the occasional pie there’s Persian, Argentinian and Phillipine waiting to tickle my taste buds. Yum!

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