Friday letters

Wow, it’s Friday again already. These weekends keep rolling around so fast! I can’t believe we’re almost half way through June already! I thought I’d got rid of my cold, but this week either it came back with a vengeance or I caught a new (worse!) one. Luckily Jan had to go to Germany yesterday so I enlisted him to buy me some Erkältungstee (tea for colds) since the only one I’ve discovered here so far was incredibly expensive and contained only thyme. I have thyme tea already from my foodie penpals package and I haven’t noticed it doing anything for my cold! The one Jan fetched from Germany contains thyme as well, but at least it also has willow bark, which has the same active ingredient as Aspirin and at least has a chance of helping. Obviously I would prefer real medicine but I’m down to my last sachet of Lemsip and I’m reluctactant to use it unless I’m so ill I can’t get out of bed. When it’s gone it’s gone! I found out this week that I’m actually not covered by my German insurance because I work from home and the Swiss class that as working from Switzerland (even though my employer is German!), so now I have to sort out Swiss health insurance and try to get an exemption from t he German one so I’m not paying twice. Swiss health insurance is, of course, more expensive and covers less, so that sucks. Will things ever actually be sorted?! Oh well, letters!

letter boxDear health insurance woman. Thank you for calling me to let me know you wouldn’t cover me before I received the official letter. That way I was at least able to be prepared.

Dear “cold” tea. I hope you work because you’re all I’ve got right now!

Dear Alyson Hannigan. I saw a iny bit of How I Met Your Mother while flicking through channels the other day and I swear you haven’t aged at all since my days of watching you in Buffy. What’s your secret?

Dear weather. It would be nice if you could actually stay the same for more than two days in a row some time!

OK, that’s all from me. I hope you all have a great weekend! Tomorrow (20 June) is another photo an hour day with Jane and Louisa – you really should join in! I’m planning on heading to a street food festival so I will actually have something to take photos of for a change!

18 thoughts on “Friday letters

  1. I feel your pain with the insurance, I resent having to have swiss insurance so much. I found a much cheaper UK based, but global one that promised to cover so much more at a fraction of the price but the Swiss authorities were having none of it!

    1. If I actually went to the office in Germany I would be covered by my German insurance! My German insurance even agreed to cover me, so I now I need to figure out how to not pay health insurance in Germany even though it’s automatically taken off my wages!

  2. Stinks about the insurance. Fact that Swiss version is more expensive doesn’t surprise me, but it also covers less – what the heck? Anyway, enjoy the weekend!

  3. Ugh how annoying about the insurance!! That is thoughtful of here though… I think in Holland you wouldn’t even get a letter at all (exaggeration but not really!).
    Do they sell that bright yellow cold tea over there? I forget what it’s called in NL but in Canada they call it Neocitran and it seriously works wonders!

    1. Ah, I’ve just looked up Neocitran. Looks like it may exist here. It’s proper medicine, like Lemsip. This cold tea contains no real medicine. Real medicine can only be purchased from a pharmacy after answering a million questions.

  4. I hope your cold clears up soon and the tea helps. Im with you on the weather I never know what to wear and I have to keep taking a rain jacket out with me cause I never know if the weather will change ! Im not sure I could move abroad it sounds so complicated haha

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