Brain dump

This is one of those posts where I choose the bullet point option then just spill whatever thoights are buzzing round in my brain that aren’t enough to make an entire blog post by themselves. Basically, it’s one big confusing mess. Here goes…

  • I recently received a letter from my favourite penpal (yes, I’m in my 30s and have penpals. Don’t judge!) saying she doesn’t want to write to me anymore. Apparently she doesn’t like the style of my letters because she wants to have a “conversation” with her penpals and she doesn’t get that with me (this is me translating – we write wrote 😦 to each other in German). I suppose it’s mainly my fault because I keep getting busy/distracted and not writing for ages, which makes it difficult to keep up a conversation. And also I guess I fail just as much at conversation on paper as in real life. Oh well, I’d just better try harder with my remaining penpals!
  • Our BiomΓΌll bin was full recently so Jan decided to throw some banana skins in the normal rubbish (people in Germany – that’s actually allowed here!). The bin was still almost empty at the time and still isn’t full so now I’m attacked by a swarm of fruit flies every time I open the bin. I am never buying bananas again!! I don’t even like them that much…
  • Autumn is coming!! At least the supermarkets think it is. I walked into Coop the other day and the first thing I spotted was pumpkins. I *may* have got a little overexcited and immediately picked up a butternut squash despite the fact that I’d only gone in for milk, cream and bacon, parmesan and bacon bits. Time to have pumpkin with 90% of my meals again! Om nom nom. (I am also in the processing of cooking chestnuts in caramel sauce for lunch – autumn, you bring the best foods!)
    Yellow leaves
  • Remembering how long it took my last year, I decided to start my Christmas cross stitching last week. How are there only 16 weeks until Christmas?!
  • We were looking at flights last night for our trip to England in October and I realised I haven’t been home for over a year – and that was only the briefest of brief visits for my grandpa’s funeral. That’s more than a year since I’ve seen my dad, grandma and little brother! Crazy! (I saw my other brother, my mum and my sister at the wedding in July, but obviously only my mum’s side of the family attended that).
  • Our tickets for The Lion King musical arrived! We go the day after tomorrow. Excitement!

Right, that’s all. I need to eat my lunch now… then it’s back to work for me. I have loads to do this afternoon.

This has been your mid-week catch up. Or something. Goodbye!

19 thoughts on “Brain dump

  1. The penpal letter makes me sad, especially since she was your favorite! Those Germans are so direct…if she’d been an American, she would have told you she doesn’t want to write anymore because she’s just too busy. But at least you have other penpals.

    Yeah, the fruit flies are driving me mad! They’re in our kitchen on fruit that is fresh! They drown themselves in my wine and let off a foul odor – and I think I swallowed one last night. Blech!

    Your cross stitching is lovely – can’t wait to see some of this year’s designs. Enjoy the Lion King!!

  2. Chestnuts in caramel sauce? Sounds amazing! I could live without pumpkins showing up everywhere, particularly because we had another 90+F/32C day here today, and because I will not let go of summer without a fight!!

  3. Sorry to hear about your penpal – that’s rough 😦 it has been so hot here today that when it rained there was steam coming up off of the sidewalk so fall still seems a long way off – I am ready for it though!

  4. Oh that’s sad about the penpal! I worried about that with my first blog penpal, she doesn’t write very often any more (almost a year between letters and I sent several in the meantime).xx
    Ahrgh.horrid flute flies!x

  5. Aww shame about the penpal! I so wish I had penpals still 😦 Ugh we had horrid fruit flies yesterday after I let a banana to over-ripen! Oops! I also love Autumn! It’s my favourite season… although winter is pretty good if it brings snow. Goodluck with the cross-stitching – how many cards have you got to make this year?

    1. I love the beginning of autumn when the leaves are all pretty. Once the leaves are bare and it’s just cold and grey and miserable I quickly get over it and want spring. Haha.

      I haven’t made my list yet but I’ll probably do around 20.

  6. Oh no! Your penpal seems like a bit of a party pooper! I admit, I’m pretty terrible at writing letters or even replying to emails but I love when you have some one to write to that doesn’t expect a letter a week or something. You can still have a conversation I think. At least you have others though!

    We’ve already got some pumpkins here too πŸ™‚ I’m looking forward to some butternut squash recipes!

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