Friday letters

Good morning! I hope you’re all well and that those of you who haven’t guessed already are busily wracking your brains for guess the Christmas cross stitch round 3! I’ve been suffering from a horrible cold all week. It started on Sunday with a bit of a sore throat, on Monday I didn’t feel any worse, which gave me hope that a sore throat was the worst I was going to get. Then on Tuesday I had to actually go into work for various meetings, which involved two hours on a freezing train. Why must Deutsche Bahn turn the air conditioning up so much?! I’m sure that didn’t help matters at all, because by the time it came to the journey home swallowing really hurt and I could not get warm at all! I went to bed with a cup of Lemsip and woke up feeling so terrible that if I was still actually going into the office regularly I would have called in sick. But since my “office” is only a few metres from the bedroom and my colleague was already off sick (for the second week), I wrapped up warm and powered through with the help of ALL the hot drinks and several packets of tissues (I could not stop sneezing!). It seemed to work as yesterday I wasn’t sneezing as much and my throat was back to being more scratchy than sore. How today will go remains to be seen, but I’m consoling myself with the fact that it’s almost the weekend and then I only have to work Monday and after that I’m on holiday – finally! Apart from one day for my cousin’s wedding, I haven’t had any time off since April, when I took a week to move! This cold just better have gone by the time I have to get on a plane… Anyway… sorry to ramble on so much. I know you’re only here for the letters πŸ˜‰

Mail boxDear cold. I was serious with what I said up there. I fly on Thursday and you had better be gone by then! My ears hurt enough on planes without a half blocked-half runny nose getting involved in matters!

Dear British food. I am coming to eat you, oh yes I am!! Proper chips, pies, decent bacon, pasties and yummy crisps… get in my belly!

Dear godson (and your mum). It’s been far too long! I can’t wait to see you.

Dear October. I’m actually not going to complain that you’ve arrived far too quickly (even though you have) because with you comes holiday!

Dear rugby matches we’re attending. Please be as exciting as the South Africa vs Japan match. We want some action! (For reference, that’s the three that are taking place in Newcastle. Now get on it, rugby Gods).

Right, that’s all from me for today. Keep placing your guesses on this week’s cross stitch post and I’ll get the next picture up for you soon. In the meantime, have a fantastic weekend!


13 thoughts on “Friday letters

  1. Are you off to Northumberland then?? Ah, but that we were up there! Hope you have a great time with all the crisps (British are best!) And I hope the cold shuffles off. We also have them in our household and it sucks!!! I’m sitting here alone on the train as people hear the cough, sniff and nose blowing and relocate!!Xx

    1. It’s the cold from hell, and it convinced I could have kept it from getting this bad if Deutsche Bahn hadn’t frozen me to death!

      We are seeing Scotland twice πŸ™‚ Hope your match in worth seeing.

      1. Knowing Germany the remedy would be herbal tea. The Germans think herbs can cure everything! There are teas for colds, stomach problems, coughs, bladder infections… I’m not convinced any of them work!

      2. I didn’t know about peppermint tea for headaches – I’ve always thought that was good for stomach issues.
        The “cold” tea contains thyme, willow bark and elderflower (plus other stuff that isn’t listed as active ingredients), ribwort and liquorice root are for coughs, fennel and star anis for stomach problems/digestion and stinging nettle for bladder infections.

      3. Peppermint tea is excellent for the digestion, which is how I first heard of it, but I have also heard that it can be good for headaches. I often used to wake up with a headache in the morning (not alcohol related! πŸ™‚ ) but since drinking peppermint tea regularly that rarely happens now. I must check out those other teas, especially the ‘cold’ one.

  2. Hope you’re feeling better be a bit crap to be ill at the rugby. 😦 And I really hope you get good matches to watch – the RSA v JAP match was almost as good as the ENG v WAL! πŸ˜‰ Oh and enjoy all the fooooood!!

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