Guess the Christmas Cross Stitch 2015 – round 6

Okay, I think I’ve left you in suspense for long enough 😉 Time for another update in this series. But first, of course, we need to take a look at the guesses from last time. Here’s the picture I gave you:

DSCN3060Zoe‘s initial thought was “It’s a hippo building a rocking horse (ok, more likely a polar bear given the context but it looks like a hippo here)”, but then she changed her mind after seeing Becster‘s guess: “It’s a Moomin and it’s creepy red haired friend riding a horse!” – I love both of these ideas and can certainly see where their coming from with the Moomin!

Katrin said “The ghost has a teddy bear in his hands now.” – you may remember that she had previously guessed a squirrel and a ghost on a sleigh.

Kezzie guessed “It’s a big pile of animals! That’s a rabbit in the middle!x” This is… interesting 😉 No more shall be said for now.

Lady of the Cakes refused to guess – saying “That is just a total mess now…!”. How very rude! 😉

Elaine said “Oh dear, I am confused now. I can’t decide if it’s a rabbit or a reindeer! I think there might be lots of silver sparkles flowing out from the back of the creature’s head.” Reindeers… rabbits… Hmmm.

Constance guessed that it’s “a hippo on a sleigh with a present in the front!”. Great guess – I can see the hippo too!

Charlotte said: “It’s baby Jesus in the manger and the ghost of Christmas past reaching over into it to pick him up. (That’s how the story goes, right???)” – I’m a little hazy on my Christmas story but that sounds about right to me 😉

Meredith said: “I really can’t tell! All I see are vague outlines of animals – a squirrel, a reindeer, possibly a friendly penguin…” LOL, sorry. I picked a difficult one this year.

And finally, NancyTex said “Well, clearly this is a white horse (possibly a unicorn), seated upright and carrying a black clutch purse, whilst blowing out the flame of an oil lamp. (On a magic carpet).” – This sounds amazing and I really want to stitch it now. Someone design it for me please?

And now on to this round’s image. I took pity on you this time and stitched a few more details. Maybe it will help. Or maybe not 😉 Here you are:

cross stitch 2015Have fun! If nobody gets it this round I’ll put up a new picture next week or something. Guesses in the comments, as always.

29 thoughts on “Guess the Christmas Cross Stitch 2015 – round 6

  1. I think it’s a guinea pig and a rabbit curled up asleep inside an old boot. The blue is the sole of the boot and the bottom has been cut open so you can see the creatures inside.

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