Colmar Christmas market(s)

This has been a weekend of Christmas markets! Although, actually, it was far too warm to be standing around drinking mulled wine. No wonder I’m not ready for Christmas… the weather’s telling me it’s still no later than September!

Our first Christmas market of the weekend was Colmar, which is only about 45-50 minutes away from Basel by train. Perfect for a day trip. There are, in fact, five markets in Colmar! Although one of those is just the normal indoor market with a few Christmassy stalls in addition to the normal ones that are there anyway, so it doesn’t really count as a Christmas market for me. One disappointing thing was a distinct lack of interesting food items – it took us ages to find anything we were even vaguely interested in. But Colmar is a beautiful town, and it looks even more magical all dressed up in its Christmas decorations. We were mostly there during the day, so I hardly got any photos with the lights switched on, but there are a few near the end. This will mainly be a post of images since there isn’t much to say beyond “We looked at stalls, drank mulled and managed to buy a few Christmas presents”. Also, the drinks came in horrible plastic glasses so I didn’t even get my usual souvenir cup!

The first thing we saw on arriving in Colmar was this, outside the train station:

Yay, signs of Christmas already! Also, note the blue sky… most of the afternoon was slightly cloudy, but it was more like late September than the last weekend in November!

On our walk into town, we found a children’s roller coaster and, beside it, this:

Colmar carousel



It’s a “carousel bar” and it was actually rotating! There are no words.

Finally, we reached the first part of the actual Christmas market and grabbed our first mulled wine, or “hot wine” as the French say.

Colmar Christmas market

Wine in hand, we wandered on through the streets in search of the other markets, admiring the pretty buildings decked out in all their finery along the way.

Various bits of the market also had random animals. They were in all different parts of town and didn’t seem to be meant for petting, so I’m not sure what the point was…

Some more photos of the town and markets. I love all the brightly coloured buildings!

We finally decided on something to eat… some kind of bread thing with cheese on top and… Escargot! Yes, we decided to be brave and try eating snails! After all, nothing could be worse than the oyster omelet in Taiwan…

It turned out the snails didn’t taste of anything much… they were a bit rubbery and that was it. We also ordered a second, “normal” slice of bread in “Alsace” style, with onions, bacon bits and Munster cheese. That one basically tasted like burnt cheese on toast. Oh well, at least they weren’t expensive. I can’t say I particularly “liked” snails, but at least they didn’t make me gag and almost throw up (looking at you, oyster slime!).

Finally, it started getting dark and I could see all the pretty lights!

I wasn’t sure what time the last train home was, but I knew when we were in Mulhouse the last one left at 9ish, and Colmar is before that, so we decided to take a train home at 7 p.m. to be safe. The markets close at 8 anyway so we couldn’t really have stayed much longer…

So, in conclusion, the Colmar Christmas markets are worth a visit and there are some lovely home-made items in the special crafts bit, bit I would recommend popping into a restaurant to eat (or bringing your own food!). The town itself is fairytale like at any time of year, and even more so when it’s all sparkly and Christmassy.

The Christmas markets in Colmar are on until 31st December 2015. During the week, they close at 7 p.m. and on weekends (Fri/Sat/Sun) at 8 p.m.

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28 thoughts on “Colmar Christmas market(s)

  1. I’ve visited Colmar Christmas market last year and I liked it a lot. This year, I’m planning to visit Basel or Strassbourg. Have you already check Basel’s market? 🙂

  2. Ahhh this looks lovely! I’d love to visit Colmar, it’s just slightly longwinded to get to from here by train so we might incorporate it into our next French roadtrip instead. I rather like snails, probably because I’ve always had them drenched in garlic sauce so they basically just taste of that. Cheesy snails on toast, though? Not so sure 😉

  3. I’d love to take a walk in that area because those buildings are so pretty.

    My one experience with escargot was also rubbery nothingness, so I’d have taken a pass on that, but it’s a shame the Alsace one wasn’t great either. That one sounds nice.

  4. What pretty photos! It looks like it was a lovely atmosphere at Christmas time! I’m cracking up over the carousel bar – that’s a first for me!!! It’s too bad the food options were disappointing though. I would have thought they would have some yummy tarte flambée (like a thin crust pizza with creme fraiche and some toppings like lardon). Alsace is known for that. It’s weird that the escargot were served on cheesy bread like that – yet another thing I have yet to see in France, along with that carousel bar!

    1. I think there might have been one stall with tarte flambée? But that’s not interesting to us since it’s common all over southern Germany (under the name Flammküchen). There really weren’t many stalls at all with food though – at least not savoury food. There were a few with pastries and of course crepes covered in Nutella!

  5. The weather is warm here in the UK too – but windy. I still have my summer weight duvet on the bed – very odd!

    Great to read about this market – the town looks very pretty and I do like the idea of the carousel bar, though probably not at the end of a drinking session.

  6. We haven’t been to any Christmas markets yet, they are only just getting started here. Don’t think we’ll have much time, but I’m hoping to pop to our local one and the one in Brussels before we go away for the holidays.

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