Friday letters

Good news people – I am planning on revealing the answer to this year’s Christmas cross stitch guessing game tomorrow! Sorry you’ve had to wait so long…
Today, though, it’s Friday. And that means letters.


Dear weather. I don’t understand you! Here we are in December, and you’re forecasting weekend temperatures of up to 12°C! What?!

Dear tea. Once again, you’re the only thing that’s kept me sane this week, so thank you for that! Where would I be without a nice cup of tea?

Dear double-sided sticky tape. Must you be quite so sticky? I mean, obviously I want the things I stick with you to stay put, but what you do to my poor scissors seems a little excessive!

Dear birds. I’m glad to see you’ve discovered the feeder we bought for you at the Christmas market and seem to be enjoying it!

Right, that’s it for today. It’s my lunch break so I need to go and eat. I’ve also got a headache and I’m hoping food will help it! Roll on the end of the working day…


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