Why I will not be taking up biscuit decorating for a living…

Last night, I thought I would make biscuits for Jan to take to work with him. I still have loads of food colouring left over from when I made blue cake, so I decided to decorate them. The idea was to surprise him with something relevant to his company, plus some standard Christmas biscuits. Unfortunately, I was forgetting one very important thing: I can’t actually draw on paper with a pencil, never mind on biscuits with icing and melted chocolate! I’ve forbidden Jan from actually taking any to work because I’m so embarrassed by them. Which, of course, doesn’t prevent me from uploading them to my blog for the entire Internet to see. Logic… not my strong suit! So, everybody meet my baking/decorating fails:

First I made some Christmas biscuits:


Then I attempted to make gingerbread robots. Bear in mind I don’t own a robot cutter so these were improvised. Very, very improvised.


Jan’s comment was “It looks like you’ve been doing some baking with an eight year old.” I think he was being generous… personally, after making the Christmas ones, I thought “I wish we had a two year old who I could blame these on!”.

On the bright side, I now get to add almond biscuits and gingerbread to my tally of biscuits baked for my 35 before 35 challenge. And hopefully I’ve given you all a good laugh to help you get through the final two days of the week…

20 thoughts on “Why I will not be taking up biscuit decorating for a living…

  1. aw, they’re cute!

    I brought a whole stack of failure cookies to work yesterday – in my case, I didn’t even try decorating them, but there was supposed to be a nice hazelnut topping which turned into hazelnut blobs in the oven… turns out I didn’t make the topping anywhere near stiff enough! They tasted ok, though.

  2. I think they look fine! =D I’ve def seen worse! =D Btw… I discovered a weird German biscuit decorating trick last year when we baked biscuits with our neighbour. We had all the biscuits cut out and then we brushed them with a glaze of beaten egg and milk I think and then… wait for it… *we put sprinkles on them and then put them in the oven*! At first I was SO confused, sprinkles go on afterwards once the biscuits are baked, I thought, but hey! Just goes to show how wrong you can be! The biscuits were fab too and looked really shiny because of the glaze. Also saves faffing around with icing sugar and food colouring… Expect the faffing itself is kinda fun… And you get to lick the bowls… 😉 Pros and cons! =D

  3. OK, they are definitely funny looking, but that makes them good! I’d probably keep them to myself though, share on the internet, but then eat them all to destroy the evidence. The robots are hilarious! I don’t think I could do any better though…

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