First Friday letters of 2016!

I’ve been totally slacking on the Friday letters front so far this year (and the blogging front in general, to be honest). I have some letters in mind now, though, so let’s do this!


Dear British celebrities. Apparently the Grim Reaper has it in for you lately. Please look after yourselves! (Especially if you happen to be approaching 69).

Dear Alan Rickman. Everyone else has said it all, way more eloquently than me. You were one of my favourite actors and I can’t believe you’re gone. Terry Pratchett levels of devastation here, my friends! (And at least with him I could kind of see it coming.)

Dear 2016. I’m hoping for great things from you. Don’t let me down!

Dear snow. You are on your way, apparently.Please could you hold off just until I get back to Basel tonight? I don’t fancy being stranded on a train, thanks.

Dear January. You’re half over already! This scares me.

Dear Dylan Moran. I’m hoping you still have tickets left for your show in Basel at the end of the month, because I really want to purchase some!

Dear fellow bloggers. I promise to come and catch up with your soooon!

Happy Friday everyone! Enjoy your weekends 🙂


11 thoughts on “First Friday letters of 2016!

  1. Oh my god I couldn’t believe it when they announced Alan Rickman had died! I honestly sat there reading BBC News with a “WTF?!” face! So so sad! I loved him! Definitely one of my favourite actors!

  2. I adored Alan Rickman – especially as the Sheriff of Nottingham and as the Colonel in Sense and Sensibility! I don’t know how things went in Basel today, but we around the Black Forest got slammed with snow. There was a thick blanket when we got up and “die weiße Scheiße” hasn’t quit all day. Snow looks so pretty – on photos of places where I am not. Love your letters!

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