Friday letters

The blogosphere seems strangely quiet lately. Or maybe it’s just me? I don’t know.

Anyway, exciting news people… tonight Jan and I are booking flights to New Zealand! We’ve only got about 12 days there, so we need to narrow down what we see a bit. We are definitely going to Roturua to visit my uncle and his partner (and meet my cousin for the first time!) and we’ll be flying into Auckland, where my aunt lives with her daughters and my other cousin, who is her au pair. But other than that, nothing is sorted yet. If anyone out there has been to New Zealand, please tell me your absolute must sees!

And now, letters!


Dear January. Nearly over already? What happened? Don’t tell me this year is going to be another one that’s half over before I can even get my head around the fact that it’s started!

Dear little birds. I love watching you on the balcony when I’m having my morning tea break. I just wish you wouldn’t get scared when I enter the dining room. I promise, I have no intention of opening the balcony door!

Dear BBC Big Read. Why are so many of the books on you so long? I recently received The Magus and it has 667 pages! (Maybe this letter should have been addressed to the people that voted on the books. Doesn’t anybody like normal length novels?!).

Dear New Zealand. If we get the flights we want, in just 50 days we’ll be on a plane to you! We really must get planning.

Dear Swiss health insurance. I’ve had you for 7 months now and I still don’t understand you! All I know is when I go to the doctor, I will be receiving a bill for a lot of money! So why do I have health insurance again!? (Alternative letter: Dear NHS. I miss you! People who complain about you should try living abroad for a while!).

Happy Friday, everyone. I hope your weekend is a happy one.


13 thoughts on “Friday letters

  1. Ooh, I lived in Rotorua as a teenager! There are loads of geothermal/touristy things but if you’re visiting family I’m sure they’ll be able to point in the direction of fun and interesting stuff. The one I recommend as a thing enjoyed by locals as well as tourists are the Waikite Valley thermal pools which were a blissful place for a soak and by the looks of their website still are :-).

    1. They’ve only just moved there, but I’m hoping they’ll have found something to do by the time we arrive 😀 They’ve already said they’ll take us to Hobbiton as they want to go there.
      Mmm, thermal pools sound fab x

  2. Hello, Sweetie! How are you? I’ve been offline for a while, I ‘ve got some serious catching up to do. Exciting news for New Zealand, you lucky girl! Mrs Playmo and I are off for some adventures soon too (shh, it’ll be coming up on the blog soon).

  3. Oooh NZ eh??? That is super cool!!! I love the nhs, tis a wonderful thing. I got ill in Switzerland and saw a doctor. He listened to me telling him the problem, write me a prescription fir antibiotics and charged 80CHF for that!!!!! Then the wretched prescriptions cost me 60CHF!!!!Xx

    1. Sounds about right. I haven’t been to the doctors yet, but Jan has and on his broken down invoice it has charges just for the consultation – so much for the first ten minutes (I think?) than x amount for each 5 minute increment after that! And that’s before any actual treatment – blood tests, etc. are charged separately!

  4. New Zealand?! Wow – big plans indeed, I am more than a little bit jealous of that! I want to go to Hobbiton so badly. But yeah – I have noticed the blogosphere has been a little quieter than normal at my end too.

  5. New Zealand!! Super exciting! I’m with you, blogland is quite at the moment, I think it’s the time of the year though. It has taken me a while to get back into the swing of normal life after being away and what not – so maybe it’s the same for everyone else 🙂

    Can’t wait to hear about your NZ trip in the future! I’m very jelly haha.

    I know, January, I don’t know where it’s gone. I hope the year slows down a bit!

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