Recent doings #2

This is my version of the post that other people call “Currently”. I did one in November, and I decided that it was the perfect post for Kristin‘s new linkup, “What’s New With You”. So what have I been doing recently?

What's New With You
Watching: Farscape. Jan get season 4 for Christmas then we realised we never actually finished season 3, so we’ve been going through that. One more episode to go then we can move on to season 4.
Reading: Well, I already told you I completed the winter reading challenge. I’ve read a few books since then, but right now I’m half way through One Step Too Far by Tina Seskis. It started off good, but now I’m not so sure.
Planning: New Zealand, baby! We have a huge list of potential places, now we just need to narrow it down. Which is harder than it sounds!
Cooking: Bulghur wheat and avocado salad for last night’s tea. I’m trying to figure out more creative ways of using avocados since they’re supposed to be sooo good for you, so if you have any suggestions I’m all ears! (Or I suppose all eyes, since I’ll be reading them.)
Eating: Far too much chocolate. Switzerland is very, very bad for my figure (and my teeth)!
Visiting: Museums. Basel had its museums night a few weeks ago and we saw a very interesting exhibition about death and some amazing old maps of Basel, among other things.
Going: To Germany, for work. Tonight.
Celebrating: My 12th anniversary as Jan’s girlfriend! It’s tomorrow, so fingers crossed I don’t get back from Germany too late!


What have you been doing lately?


25 thoughts on “Recent doings #2

  1. We want to go back in your backlogs to read more about your reading challenges! We both set really high goals this year for reading, so I’m sure it would be inspiring!

    (Found you through the What’s New With You linkup!)

  2. aw happy 12 year anniversary!

    hmmm avo…. on toast? in pasta? it sounds weird, but it makes a delicious sauce thing, just google avo pasta (i used the londoner’s recipe). also when we make ‘mexican’ type food (like meat, rice and beans) we put avo on top. i love sour cream but my figure doesn’t haha so it’s a great way to add something creamy, plus it’s filling. how else.. oh, i make a ‘chicken salad’ with just shredded chicken, avo and chickpeas and KC eats it on pita bread. i do tuna, chickpeas, avo and corn (it sounds weird but it’s not) and i use that – in both of those it takes the place of mayo. i’m sure there are a million options on pinterest from better cooks (of which i am not one hahaha).

    yay new zealand! i am so excited and jealous lol.

    thank you so much for linking up with gretch and i!

  3. Found your blog from the what’s new with you link-up. Hi!

    I’m headed to the South Island of NZ soon for a 10 day trip, hope you can get things narrowed down!

    I’m a huge fan of avocados on salads, or sandwiches with toasted bread, but I’ll also just add some salt & pepper & eat them plain with a spoon.

  4. My husband halves the avo, removes the pit, pours a homemade vinegrette with chives and hard boiled egg into the hole, and eats it with a spoon. He has half an avo almost every evening! Me…I eat Swiss chocolate for my snack. 🙂

    I hope you have a very happy anniversary tomorrow!

  5. Congrats on 12 years! That’s quite a milestone. 🙂
    Re: avocados, we eat a ton of them over here. Sometimes just halves w/salt, or on sandwiches/wraps with turkey, cheese, veggies, etc. I also love two salads: 1) avocado, tomato, cucumber (recipe adds red onion but I leave that crap out) tossed with red wine vinegar/olive oil, salt and pepper, 2) avo, chickpeas, feta tossed w/olive oil and lime juice. Yum!

  6. I love avocados. I eat them with salads, on toast, on sandwiches, and I make fantastic guacamole 🙂 I’ve only been to Auckland, NZ for a short trip. I want to explore a whole lot more of NZ.

  7. Happy anniversary!! ❤ I don't think you have to be in Switzerland to overdose on chocolate as I'm doing a pretty good job in the UK! And how exciting to be planning New Zealand!! x

  8. I know something wonderful to do with avocados but not so healthy- Avocado and chocolate milkshake- involves condensed milk, chocolate sauce, crushed ice, avo, a sucrose watery sugary water and whizz it all up- aaaaaaaaaaaaamazing!
    Have you been to the Paper Museum yet??!?!?!?! It was hands down,the best museum I’ve ever been to!x

  9. 12th!!!!! Omg! Congrats!
    And I love that you’ve done this post – I was just thinking I should do a currently this week.

    My stuff is still all in boxes, but once I find my writing kit, I will write back to you from your lovely xmas card!

  10. New Zealand sounds totally ace. I am so very very jealous of you.

    Have you tried avocado on toast? That’s alright, with some tomatoes and maybe something to add a little kick (I like to go for sweet chilly sauce). Other than that, I don’t really eat them.

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