Take 12 trips, take 2!

Madeira sunrise

Remember when I took 12 trips in 2013/2014? No? Well, click on the link to see what I’m on about.

After seeing that other people have committed to taking 12 trips a second and even third time, I decided I could do it again, too. So 2016 shall be the year of take 12 trips, take 2!

Since the year is not quite two months old, I’ve decided to go back to the beginning and make it a twelve trips in 2016 thing rather than doing it over two year as last time.

Trip number one, for January 2016, is the day I went to Zurich to see a Lego exhibition. (Funnily enough, one of my trips last time round was to a Playmobil exhibition in Speyer. Could this be a theme in the making?).

Trip number two is that time Jan and I spontaneously went to Arlesheim to look at the cathedral and ended up finding two castles as well!

Trip three, in March, shall of course be New Zealand – I expect that will be my one major trip out of the twelve!

As for where else I might go… well, you’ll just have to wait and see! (Mainly because I don’t know myself.)


The original instigator of Take 12 Trips was Clare from Need Another Holiday. She wanted to encourage people to get out and about and try new things, not just big adventures to far flung places, but little trips to. Whether it’s afternoon tea at a local cafe you’ve been meaning to try out for ages, a day out in a nearby town or a month-long holiday in Asia – a trip is whatever you define it as.

Why not take the challenge with me?

16 thoughts on “Take 12 trips, take 2!

  1. What a great idea. I love this. I think I might join you with this challenge. I love exploring places. Exploring places is actually a category on my blog so this challenge will fit nicely. Thanks so much for sharing.
    The Lego exhibition looks great and those castles look amazing. Looking forward to reading about your next trips.

  2. I’m all for trips! Although, I think I take more than one trip a month haha, since I’m pretty into tripping everywhere – local or further a field I don’t care, I just love a good trip!

    1. You can take more than one trip a month. The idea is to take at least one every month… even November when it’s grey and miserable and you’d really rather be in bed πŸ˜‰

  3. I might just try and join in with this – do day trips count? And how cool is a Lego exhibition?! ❀ Lego… can't wait until the girls are old enough for proper Lego and not this Duplo business! x

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