Alnwick and its gardens

Waaay back in October, while we were in England, we spontaneously decided to visit Alnwick one sunny afternoon. It was too nice to be indoors, so we skipped the castle and purchased tickets for the gardens instead. Being October, a lot of the flowers were already on their way out, but I still managed to take many, many pictures! There was a kind of treasure hunt for children which seemed to involve finding all the different fairy tales and nursery rhymes that were referenced throughout the gardens, and I took great delight in spotting fairy tale items as well, even though I didn’t have a sheet to fill in.

Alnwick itself is a pretty little town, and is home to the amazing second hand bookshop Barter Books, the place where the “Keep Calm and Carry On” slogan was first (re)discovered. It’s housed within the old Alnwick train station, with the bookshelves where the tracks used to be and space to sit and read in what used to be the waiting room. Unfortunately, we didn’t have time to visit Barter Books that day, but if you ever find yourself in Alnwick you definitely should!

Before driving to Newcastle, where we were due to meet a friend for dinner, we of course had to stop on the Lion Bridge to grab a few shots of Alnwick Castle – which some of my may recognise from a certain film about a wizard with a lightning shaped scar… (others may know it from Blackadder).

Alnwick is one of my favourite places and I’m glad we got to have a stroll around the town and its gardens last time I was home!

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15 thoughts on “Alnwick and its gardens

  1. I love Alnwick. We’ve been there on holiday a couple of times. Barter Books is an amazing, unique shop. We visited the castle and did some of then guided tours that are included. They were really interesting. I loved the Poison Garden and the amazing Treehouse in Alnwick Gardens too.

  2. Are those kids riding around on mini tractors?!

    Gardens are always a win, it seems to be a rare occurrence that I go to them when they have all the flowers in bloom though! This one is particularly beautiful!

    Ahh, little English towns, how I miss them! We’re off back to the UK in May, so I need to sort myself out a trip or two!

    1. I think they were mini tractors. Pretty fun anyway.
      Yes, definitely get some trips arranged! Little English towns are the best! (Except the town where my dad lives).

  3. We skipped the castle too in favour of the gardens! I really want to go back especially loved the bamboo maze (that’s the where I am in my profile picture!).
    I’ve never actually been to the town itself so need to go and of course, must go back to Barter- I’ve got a whole suitcase full of 1st editions to barter!x

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