Recent doings #3

It’s the first Thursday of the month (what? How?!), so it’s time for another of Kristen‘s What’s New With You linkup. Or, in my case, more recent doings. Here’s what I’ve been up to in February.

What's New With You
Reading: Various things, but most recently As Chimney Sweepers Come to Dust by Alan Bradley. I loved it! Flavia is just as awesome as ever. I also finished Brideshead Revisited, so I can cross that off the BBC Big Read list.
Watching: Still Farscape. Not for much longer though – we’re on the final disc of Season 4.
Eating: Fondue! We had visitors who hadn’t been to Switzerland before, so we had to introduce them to this cheesy goodness.
Cooking: All the avocados still. Thanks everyone for the recipe tips, especially whoever suggested using avocado as pasta sauce. I made one with avocado and garlic and it was amazing! Also, chickpeas. I’ve been putting chickpeas in everything!
Planning: Still New Zealand. We’re getting there though. 15 days til we fly!
Finding: Bits of confetti everywhere. Still! It’s been two weeks since Fasnacht, and I still keep hoovering up tiny pieces of coloured paper.
That’s all I can think of for now. What have you been doing recently?
Come link up to see how everyone else’s February was!

20 thoughts on “Recent doings #3

  1. 15 days!! how exciting! and yay avos!! i haven’t made it with pasta in AGES. need to do that. and oh chickpeas are my faves! seriously. i have never read Brideshead Revisited (or seen it) but i must check out this BBC reading list! thanks for linking up with us šŸ™‚

  2. Fondue is the BEST! When I visited Switzerland, we stayed at a tiny chalet in the mountains, and the owner made us a special fondue one night. Seriously the best thing I’ve ever eaten and I had to be rolled to bed haha! Thanks for linking up with Kristen and me!

  3. The fondue looks delicious! I’m also hoping that you’ll do a write-up or two on New Zealand. The German and I are planning to go there for a late honeymoon in 2017. Have a great trip & enjoy the beautiful scenery!

  4. Avocado and garlic sounds like a great pasta sauce! I’ll have to give that a try, did you use a particular recipe?

    Chickpeas are turning into a bit of a winner in my life too!

    1. I just crossed garlic in a bowl, chopped in the avocado, added some lemon juice then mashed it all together with a fork, seasoned with salt and pepper and stirred it into the freshly cooked pasta. It was amazing!

  5. Avocado is wonderful! So tasty! I confess that fondue is too rich and too much for me- we didn’t have it in Switzerland because we weren’t sure we could cope with so much cooked cheese!!x

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