It’s the end of the world as we know it…

No Friday letters today, I’m too sad.

I went to bed last night with a shred of hope. That’s now been eliminated. As of this morning, I am no longer a European citizen (okay, not officially yet but in the most important of ways, I’m not). The pound is at it’s weakest level in three decades and continues to fall… and that’s before the market even opens!Scotland are already talking about leaving – for real this time. Even if things somehow magically end up working out without Britain going bankrupt first, it’s clear there’s a massive problem within the country.

On a personal note, I have no idea what’s going to happen to me. I’m assuming (hoping!) that Switzerland will honour the residence permit I already have, so that gives me four years before I have to leave the country. But where would I go? I clearly can’t go home, unless I don’t take Jan with me (the whole point in leaving the EU is to keep people like him out, right? And why would he even want to live in a country where everyone hates him so much?). Which country will still let Brits in after this debacle? I guess we’ll just have to wait and see…

As for my job… I assume people who are already living in Germany will be given some kind of deal when it comes to getting work permits for jobs they’re already doing. But I don’t live in Germany! Will they want to give a work permit to someone from a non-EU country, living in another non-EU country but wanting to work in Germany? That I’m not so sure about…

No matter what happens, everything will be different now. If only I could genuinely believe that all those who voted out did so because they believe it will make our country better, and not because they believe everything the tabloid press says and want “Britain to be for the British”. Today, I’m ashamed to be British English (Scotland and N. Ireland did the right thing!). If I still lived in Germany, I would be on the phone right now enquiring about German citizenship…

Goodbye, Great Britain. I only hope it was worth it…

33 thoughts on “It’s the end of the world as we know it…

  1. Well said. It is a sad day to be British. If I hadn’t already written my Friday letters last night (and scheduled them for this morning) then I don’t think I would have been writing them either. I was wondering how it would affect British people abroad and it must be a huge worry for you.

    1. The uncertainty is the worst part. Switzerland already tried to cap the numbers of EU migrants that were allowed in. As a result they had research funding from the EU cut off and were threatened with further sanctions. I’m assuming they still want to get rid of “foreigners” though. Britain no longer being in the EU would make the Brits an easy target.

      1. As the next days and weeks unfold I think we will have a clearer picture of how it is going to affect everyone. It would be such a shame if people who already live outside the UK had to suffer because of this result. Perhaps a move to Scotland? I think they will soon be independent and will be members of the EU. πŸ™‚

  2. I am in shock. I cannot believe that Remain did not win. I went to bed last night and I was seriously 99% sure that this morning I would still be an EU citizen. But I am not.
    I live in Germany and am married to a German. But three of my four children were born in Scotland. One is studying here as an EU citizen, gets a grant, which is the only way she can remain studying. Will she loose her grant? Will she still be able to study? I have no idea. I also have no idea what my children’s rights are as they are no longer EU citizens. My second husband never adopted them because their father (who rarely has any contact with them and hasn’t seen them for years) is still living.
    We had been looking into getting double citizenship but my husband said you have no idea if they’ll revoke it if the UK leaves the EU. There’s no precedent. I have no idea what to do now… I am thinking I should apply for German citizenship and get my kids to do the same. But I have no idea if we can now because we are no longer part of the EU.
    To top it all, I was actually born in England. So if Scotland becomes independent, we are from three different nations.
    I think Brexit will put a huge strain on the EU.
    Oh God. What have they done????

    1. I honestly did not believe this would happen. I went to bed worried but hopeful. I genuinely feel sick now! Can’t get German citizenship, have to wait another 14 years for Swiss citizenship. And now Cameron has resigned as well. One friend who is British in Germany has already said she’ll be applying for German citizenship. It’s probably the best option left available if you can do it. I would if I could (not that I want to stop being British, but ugh!). I honestly don’t know where Britain or any of us will go from here. And I wouldn’t be surprised if Scotland actually breaks away from Britain now.

      1. I just read it will take at least two years to come out. So that gives us time, at least, to get informed, and sort ourselves out. I am so ashamed. Did you see Farage’s face in the pictures? The man is disgusting. And you know it can only be a bad decision when Trump supports it!!!! Scotland has to break away now. I’ve been checking out what people are writing on FB and even people who voted to stay part of the UK are really turning now. I will definitely be looking into German citizenship ASAP.
        I’ve spent most of the morning preparing an English lesson on the EU and Brexit for this afternoon. I feel quite devastated.

      2. I haven’t seen any leave voters changing their mind yet. They’ve been very, very quiet since the news about the NHS, etc. broke. Hopefully they’re starting to realise they’ve been lied to. Too late now though!! Hopefully those two years will give me a chance to sort stuff out. If all else fails I may have to get married. That won’t save my job but hopefully at least my residence permit!

      3. I just re-checked what I wrote and I meant that the people who voted to stay in the Sottish referendum (sorry for any confusion!!!) It’s crazy. Cameron has resigned, Corbyn looks to be forced out, SNP want a vote for independence, the pound is at a 31 year low, Merkel looks miserable and Juncker now says we are to leave as soon as possible. What happened with the NHS? I didn’t get that bit…

      4. The leave campaign claimed the money we pay to the EU will be put into the NHS instead. People actually believed that(!?!) This morning Farage said “haha, no it won’t”.

  3. I am shocked by the result. Since I spent 90% of the time I lived in England just in London, I didn’t realize how much of the country wanted to leave!

  4. Ugh. This is a terrible, terrible thing. I noticed that a lot of American supporters of the Leave vote are also Drumpf supporters. Bigotry and racism and short-sightedness win the day.

  5. I also went to bed last night believing the remain vote would win and woke up to the awful news this morning! Seriously, what are the Brexit voters actually thinking!? I understand how there are some small minded racist people who want to “close the borders and keep immigrants out”, but it is depressing to see just how many people think that way! I’m am worried about all the repercussions. I hope it won’t affect your job or visa situation, but yes a good reason to get married! πŸ˜‰

  6. Gutted that this has happened and mortified by the decision of my birth country to vote for such an retrogressive step, which has huge implications for the rest of the world too. Seems bigotry, small mindedness, racism and an embarrassing tabloid culture of “Britain Is Best” (whatever that means) have won out. Our daughter went to London believing she had a European passport and hoped to move there (possibly Germany) after a while. At least she is an Australian citizen as she certainly has no desire to stay in such a backward thinking place. Her friends are predominantly European and most will move away as soon as they can now including her 2 flatmates. Feel so sorry for the many people negatively impacted by this result- the narrow minded 50 plus percent have prevailed over more sensible heads. I hope you can get your visa situation sorted out – there is still time as this will not come into effect immediately!

    1. Yeah, once article 50 is invoked I will have two years to figure out my options πŸ™‚ I just hope things won’t end up as bad as I fear for people in Britain.

      1. Hopefully they will delay article 50 as long as possible – maybe someone will mount a legal challenge who knows but it will cause confusion and uncertainty for so many people and businesses in the meantime. We are also very worried about the effects of this decision – we feel the effects will be far worse for the UK than elsewhere. Obviously we’re settled in Australia now and have citizenship here though we will always have our British citizenship as well (not that we intend living there again). I feel for our extended families there especially the younger ones who won’t have the same choices as we did growing up – we always regarded ourselves as European as did most of our friends (but we moved to London to go to uni so probably our outlook was more cosmopolitan than other areas). Our younger daughter now living in London is also working out her options – she has dual Australian/British citizenship too and always planned to go on to Europe to live for a while (she has some possibilities through her work). Many of her friends are European and they are all so sad by this decision plus horrified by the racism that has openly surfaced since the referendum result. Good luck with working out your options – am sure it will all work out in the end! πŸ™‚

  7. Sad times indeed. I’m hoping that Scotland get independence and Kris will be given Scottish citizenship since he was born there and I can just tag along as his wife and get one too. Sad, sad times.

    1. Yeah, that would be great for you. I guess even if you don’t get citizenship you will still be allowed to live wherever he lives since he’s an EU citizen and you’re married to him.

  8. It’s so horrible at the moment. There’s reports of a lot of racism going on in this country as if leaving the EU makes racism ok??? I really hope that the Government don’t act on it. This should never have been voted on. I’m genuinely scared what’s going to happen if Boris becomes PM. I’m so angry with David Cameron, whilst I may not agree with his policies I’m so angry he’s left us in this mess.

  9. oh i am so so sorry. what a mess. i can’t imagine what you’re going through, the uncertainty would be the worst. i hope things get better, i will admit i am terribly uninformed about it all right now (just got back from vacation, though no excuse i know) but i do hope something changes or is sorted.

  10. So sorry, Bev! I really didn’t expect it to pass either. 😦 I can’t imagine how you must feel right now. If there’s any consolation, hopefully it’s in knowing that it’ll take years for the changes to shake down into actual policy changes. By then, who knows where you’ll be living or how your priorities will have shifted. Just an FYI, I might be adopting your blog title for one of my own soon if Trump becomes our next president. πŸ˜₯

  11. I feared it would happen but hoped it wouldn’t. So many people just voted on lies – or on misunderstanding what the EU did for Britain. I’m not rushing into French citizenship at the moment, but waiting to see what will happen. It may yet be revoked (but that is very unlikely) I don’t know what this will mean for my job, or my status here but as the complete process could take 2 years, I think there’s plenty of time to consider options. But I too feel letdown by our polticians and by the British public. It’s all a bit grim.

  12. It’s a bloody nightmare is what it is but what can we do! I was So shocked. I didn’t ask Chris when we were getting up but then he said, “It’s so sad!” and I said, “WHHHHHHHAAAAT, WHAT’S SO SAD??!?”” and he told me.
    The awful thing is, I know at least 5 people who voted Leave (I found out after) and I have had to completely avoid the subject for fear of my ‘offending’ them!
    I hope it is ok for you!!!xx

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