I read (very few of) my books!

Like many readers, I am definitely guilty of buying many, many books that I find going cheap and then not actually getting round to reading most of them before buying more. This problem is currently being exacerbated (yeah… I had to look up the spelling of that!) by the BBC Big Read list. I keep buying books from there without even checking what they’re about then taking one look at the synopsis/length/teeny tiny writing and putting them off for another day. So when Erin announced that she was co-hosting a challenge for people to actually read their books I was all for it!

I already briefly mentioned it here, but today is the day of the official linkup where we let everyone know how we did, so you’ll just have to put up with another post on it πŸ˜‰

Read My Books (1)

I went into the challenge thinking it would be easy. Like I said, I already own lots of books that I’ve never even opened, so all I had to do was pick them up and read them. I got off to a good start with Amity & Sorrow for the Semi-charmed Summer Reading Challenge – it wasn’t the best book, but it was a fairly quick read. Then I decided to start The Magus… and that was my downfall. I started it on 10th June and only managed to finish it on 5th July! That book draaaagged! Towards the end of the month, I quickly read A Good Talk, which has been on my shelves for so long that I don’t even remember buying it! So that brought my total up to about 2 and a half books. Not a result I can say I’m proud of, but at least I managed to make room on my bookshelves for two new books (I didn’t particularly enjoy either of the books I finished so they’re off to a free bookshelf somewhere to hopefully find someone who does like them).

Since then, I’ve read two books that I technically owned before the challenge since they arrived at the end of May and one that I only bought in June (hey, just because I’d agreed to only read my own books didn’t mean I couldn’t acquire new ones for after the challenge was finished ;-)). If the challenge had been over two months I would have done sooo much better!

Do you read everything you buy straight away or do you end up with many books accumulating on your shelves (or e-reader) like me? And, if the latter, how do you convince yourself to actually read the books you already own instead of buying/borrowing/downloading more?

15 thoughts on “I read (very few of) my books!

  1. The Magus…that one sure does sound like you gave it your all and conquered it (finally!) even if you didn’t like it! Was it for a challenge? I think it was. I don’t quit books too often, but from how much labour it took you to make it through the book, I wonder why you stuck with it…… Thanks for linking and participating! Good luck with the amazon giveaway!

    1. It’s on the BBC Big Read list, and I was also reading it as my unappealing cover book so double challenge!! It actually got better towards the end, it was just sooo slow to get anywhere!

  2. In terms of reading/listening to books/audiobooks that I buy straight away, I’m 50/50. Sometimes I do, sometimes I don’t. Many, many factors are involved. If I find an audiobook that I’ve seen on a lot of blogs or one that looks interesting on sale for less than $5, then I will more than likely buy it. When I get to it is a completely different story. If I use an audible credit for an audiobook, then I am more likely to listen to it right away. My participation in reading challenges also influences when certain books get read or listened to…

  3. I’m normally really good about reading books that I buy, although I used to snap up a ton of free books on Amazon. I did okay with the challenge. The books that I do own and have not read were not really my cup of tea any longer, so I tried, really I did, but most got DNFed. Now I can give them away guilt-free, so it’s still a win for me!

  4. I have accumulated quite a few kindle books this year, but since I only really started reading this year too, that seems ok. Except that I might have 100 on my kindle now… maybe more. I do limit myself to books that cost no more than 5 euros and I think most of them have been free or 99p in the sales, so I don’t feel too bad. I will read them, I just can’t read 100 at once πŸ™‚

    1. I’m guilty of Kindle accumulation as well. I’ll start a book and then get sort of bored and start a different book. Right now, I’m reading about five things, but a few pages at a time in each one. This is not very effective.

      The other thing is that I get samples sometimes because the Kindle samples are free. And about one in five becomes a thing I want to read the rest of.

      Right now, there are five “pages” of books on my Kindle waiting for me to finish out. Two pages at least are just samples.

  5. Sorry to hear that the books you read weren’t that great, but at least now they’re off your shelf! I had a similar issue, and agree that if the challenge was longer, I probably would have done better. I’m pretty bad at hoarding e-books, especially when they’re free from Netgalley! But I’ve been able to clear my physical bookshelf by adding them to Paperback Swap which helps! Thanks for joining us!

  6. i was telling Erin that seriously months can go by without me touching one book i already owned, instead i’m always buying or borrowing new ones. every now and again, something will catch my eye, or i’ll see it on goodreads and have a note next to it that says ‘real book’ or ‘ebook’ meaning i already ‘own’ it (that’s how i tell lol) and i then go in search of it. but i bring in way more books than i can possibly read, and Erin & Dani’s challenge made that so clear! i am going to try and read at least one book i own each month.. like you said though, that doesn’t mean i can’t buy more! haha.

  7. Oh man, I definitely know what you mean about books that just drag on and on. It’s even worse when they’re actually pretty short. If it takes me more than a week to read a book with 300 pages or less, I know something is wrong. Even when I’m extremely busy, I can usually carve out some time each day to read. But if the book is boring, I sometimes go a couple of days without picking it up. (And I can never seem to quit books, so I just have to suffer through until it’s over.)

    On the plus side, two books is much better than zero! And it’s also awesome that you were able to use one of them for the Semi-Charmed challenge!

    And to answer your questions, I definitely don’t read books immediately after I buy them. Three of the books I read for this challenge were purchased in April, so a lot of time hadn’t passed for those … But the other three? I’ve had a couple of them for at least five years and the other for at least two years. That seems like way too much time! I’ve been trying not to buy as many books lately, but I’ll usually buy if I know I’ll probably love it (like if it’s written by one of my favorite authors) or if it’s unavailable at my library and I feel like I really want to read it.

  8. I used to have hundreds of books waiting to be read in my house. However, since working in a library, I can now cheat…I’ve set up a couple of shelves of my books at work. So I’ve still got them – but they’re not cluttering up my space! (Don’t tell my boss…!!)

  9. I thought I would use this challenge to read The Pillars of the Earth and maybe listen to some audiobooks on the side. I only managed about 200 of the 1000 pages of the book I owned, but listened to a decent amount of audiobooks. I’m slowly redeeming myself with Erin’s 5.0 challenge though and have limited my list to books I own! I’m so terrible about reading what I purchase. I’m all excited when I get it and then it just sits there!

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