A photo an hour: 23 July 2016

On Saturday I once again took part in A Photo an Hour with Jane and Louisa. We didn’t have any particular plans for the day, but we ended up seeing a parade! Here’s my Saturday in pictures for you:

10 a.m. Breakfast! I thought I’d include something with my tea for once πŸ˜‰

11 a.m. Trying to work out how the names should go on something I’m cross stitching.

12 noon. Cross stitch. Trying to ensure the photo isn’t too revealing…

1 p.m. Showered, time to get dressed. It’s so nice having all my clothes in one place!

2 p.m. We had to return our barbecue because it wasn’t working properly so while we were in the shop we decided to buy some extra bedding for the spare room (this is not the one we purchased!)

3 p.m. Back outside, there was a parade going on for the Basel Tattoo so we stayed to watch.

4 p.m. We followed one of the last groups to the end of the parade, where we grabbed a beer. I had to take its photo in front of the horse carriage, obviously πŸ˜‰

5 p.m. After doing some grocery shopping we headed off to catch the bus. This is the Mittlere BrΓΌcke, which we had to cross to get to our bus stop.

6 p.m. Home! Time to do the dishes 😦

7 p.m. Making dinner.

8 p.m. Nearly finished eating. It was yummy, if I do say so myself.

9 p.m. Watching the animated BFG with a beer.

I apparently forgot to take a photo at 10 p.m., then I did take one at 11 p.m. but I won’t post it because symmetry is important! (It was of my toothbrush as I was on my way to bed, in case you’re interested).

How was your Saturday? Did you do anything interesting, or just relax (a perfectly legitimate activity for a weekend!)?


17 thoughts on “A photo an hour: 23 July 2016

  1. I had a pretty low key Saturday. Caught up on some housework, chilled out and watched some shows with hubby and then met a few friends for dinner. Sunday was more or less a lazy day. There were loads of over ripe bananas so I baked banana & walnut bread, yum.

  2. Wow, I would love to learn to cross stitch!! I saw a parade on Saturday too – it had the local pipe band, plus a pipe band from Germany (sort of a coincidence, as you previously lived there!!)

    1. Cross stitch is easy! I like to compare it to paining by numbers – somebody else already worked out where the stitches have to go, all I do is follow instructions.

  3. I haven’t done photo-an-hour in two months! I need to get started on it again!

    My Saturday was a 40 mile bike ride, so I pretty much did nothing but fix a puncture in my tire and then ride my bike haha!

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