Guess the cross stitch volume 4 – Round 2

Since I’m away this weekend it seemed like a good time to put up round 2 of guess the cross stitch. But before I show you your new photo, let’s have a look at the guesses from round 1. This is what you had to work with:


And your guesses:

Cliff1976 of Regensblog guessed it was going to be a teapot.

Kezzie guessed The Incredible Hulk. The boy I’m stitching it for would love that, but unfortunately I do not have an Incredible Hulk pattern.

A popular guess was a duck. Charlotte, my friend K (via Twitter) and Emma from Ever Emma all guessed that (actually, K went with duck “because Cthulhu is probably not suitable for a small child”).

Kerri from Life as Unusuals guessed a green monster, which is actually not bad!

Finally, Elaine from I used to be Indecisive went with a dinosaur. Again a good guess, but not the right one.

Since nobody got it right straight away, we can move on to round 2. Take a look at this picture then tell me what you think I’m stitching:


Answers in the comments (or via Twitter if you prefer).

22 thoughts on “Guess the cross stitch volume 4 – Round 2

  1. Is it a frog? (it doesn’t really look like a frog, but I kept thinking of green things, and a picture of a frog won’t leave my mind.)

  2. im going with leprecaun but only because i am on a boat to Ireland. just out of interest, is this done in a deliberately obtuse order to confuswe us with the guven shapes and lines?xx

    1. Haha, no it’s not deliberate… you usually start in the middle and complete all of one colour before moving on to the next colour. If there are lots of blocks of a colour that are far apart you can do other colours in between to avoid miscounting the number of squares you need to leave in between. This one really is mostly green!

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