Views from the top of Basel cathedral

Apparently after posting every single day the week before last I was slightly burned out, hence no post at all last week! We also had Jan’s dad staying this weekend so there wasn’t really time for the blogosphere. I promise to come and read everyone’s blogs soon though!

The day after we went to the Rhine Falls with my mum and brother, I took them to Mariastein Abbey and the ruins of the Landskron castle. My photos from that day aren’t much different to the ones here though, so I will move straight on to July when Jan’s mum and her partner were visiting. We decided to climb up the tower of Basel Cathedral, which I hadn’t even known was possible until then! It was a gorgeous sunny day, which made for some great views:

The red tower in the last picture is part of the town hall (Rathaus) and the interesting looking roof at the front is the Museum der Kulturen (Museum of Cultures).

It was nice to see the roof of the cathedral up close – I think it’s really pretty!

Finally, some photos of the gargoyles. They always amuse me 🙂

And once again I was left thinking “Wow, I actually live here!”.

The two towers of Basel Cathedral – Georgsturm and Martinsturm – can be climbed any time that the cathedral is open for a fee of 5 francs (payable at the information desk).


18 thoughts on “Views from the top of Basel cathedral

  1. You seem to have had a lot of visitors lately! It looks beautiful there. Blog posts with pictures of views from high up are always my favourite travel posts!

  2. Gargoyles are funny things! They should have more of them in Belgium… although they might do, I don’t really make a point to look for them…

    It’s funny what you can find out bout your home town when people come to visit. I didn’t know for a couple of years that you could climb the tower of the town library, but apparently you can. I haven’t though, since it costs money and I know a few places in town where you can get some views without paying!

    I’m a cheapskate.

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