Friday letters

Once again Friday has come around incredibly quickly… it only seems like a few days since I was last writing these letters! And this time next week it will be the last Friday in September! Time is really flying… the dreaded “C” word will be here before we know it… I really need to start figuring out what gifts to buy for the people in my life! (Apart from Jan. I have his gift already. Shh… don’t tell him that!)

For now, though, let’s just have some Friday letters.


Dear autumn. You are officially here now… even in astronomical terms, so nobody can argue any more (even though it’s warmed up again here after a cold and rainy start to the week). Apparently here astronomical autumn started at 4:21pm yesterday…. I had no idea it came down to the minute!

Dear pumpkins. Why can’t you be available for me to eat all year round?! Now I have to gorge myself on you for the next few months while I still can!

Dear authors. Could you please stop releasing amazing sounding books on a regular basis? My to-read list  keeps getting longer and longer… and that’s just with the books that are already available!

Dear crows. You are very cool birds, but I’d prefer it if you didn’t make an awful racket outside my window early in the morning! (Hopefully this will stop now it’s no longer light at 5 am…)

That’s all for today. I hope you all have a fabulous weekend! I’m off work next week – not going anywhere, but trying to use up some holiday – so this weekend is the start of what will hopefully be a nice long stretch of relaxation.

5 thoughts on “Friday letters

  1. I sympathise with you and the crows outside your bedroom. Until recently we had the same problem with sparrows (Yes, they are small, but they are very noisy) but they seem to have been replaced by a robin, who sings very tunefully. I’m not sure where the sparrows have gone! I agree with your letters to authors – it keeps happening to me too and my pile to read is getting higher and higher.

  2. My Mum’s maiden name is Crowe, which I think is so cool. They are pretty awesome birds. What books are you wanting to read right now? I am so excited for Christmas – it is my favourite season and I am always so sad when it is over and have to start planning it for the next year right away!

  3. Oh, crows… I COMPLETELY feel your pain. Apparently, Louisville, KY is a favorite wintering spot for crows and they invade the city and surrounding suburbs every December and then depart sometime in March. They squawk and make all kinds of racket in the evenings as they are settling in to roost for the night. There are so many of them that the bare trees actually look like they are full of black leaves. It is sometimes absolutely unreal.

    Have a wonderful weekend!

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