Stitching for boys

I find it incredibly difficult to stitch for the little boys in my life, mostly because my stitching magazines tend to feature cute, anthropomorphic animals, flowers and things that are generally more often associated with girls. (Yes, I am aware that boys can like cute things and flowers just as girls can be into superheroes, cars and dinosaurs, but quite frankly most of my friends’ children are boys and they are into stereotypically boyish things, while the one little girl I stitch for is perfectly happy with fairies and cute critters. I’m not about to make something up just to prove how open-minded I am am!).

Occasionally, a cross stitch magazine does include a “stitching for boys theme”, but they’re few and far between. So when I ordered a cross stitch book entitled “Babies & Children” I was over the moon to discover it contained entire pages of dinosaurs, rockets and planes. Between that and my magazines, I was able to stitch up quite the collection for all the boys’ birthdays I needed to cater for within a 27 day period in August and September! (All my friends’ little boys seem to have their birthdays close together as well…). Here are some of the boyish birthday cards I stitched up this year.

If you took part in this year’s guess the cross stitch game, you should recognise the dragon.

Which of these is your favourite? What would you stitch for a little boy? Give me some new ideas for the next set of birthdays!

12 thoughts on “Stitching for boys

  1. You are probably going to regret asking for suggestions…..
    How about cultivating an early love of science? for boys or girls….
    For example: the planets
    Spiders, creatures and critters – a praying mantis might be nice, or the jaws of a dragonfly close up, they are very scary, or a bookworm with a book (two birds with one stone so to say)
    Then of course you could go for a cell – you know mitochondria, nucleus and receptors …:) would have to be an older boy though and he may not like cross stitches, or a child with science-y parents who explain that you are made up of millions of these – how COOL is that….

  2. Your cards are all lovely. I think my favourite might be the balloons, or the dragon, or the rocket, or the superhero! 🙂 For a boy how about a knight in shining armour? A monkey, or panda, or tiger, a penguin? Woodland creatures – squirrel, owls, hedgehog etc, Trolls? Bunting? Ice cream cones? A VW camper van?

    1. It depends on the design, how many colours there are, whether I have to do French knots (things of evil!), etc. The superhero one was the quickest of these… it took me just over 2 hours I think. I did it in one evening, anyway. The dragon took the longest. That one was done over the course of a few evenings.

  3. These are so cool!!! I like the rocket best.
    Could you make a Crocodile? Or the Batman logo? A choo choo train? Could you do one with fun words like: COOL BIRTHDAY or something like that?

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