Recent doings #10

Monday was a public holiday in Germany so, since I work there, I got the day off. This has left me way more confused than it should have and I’ve spent most of the week with no idea what day it is. But today is definitely Thursday and it’s the first one of a new month, so it’s time for the what’s new with you link up, hosted by the lovely Kristen and Gretch.

So… what have I been doing in September?

What's New With You

Eating. Pumpkins and squashes, more specifically spaghetti squash. It’s not spaghetti. It will never be spaghetti, no matter how many recipes try to convince me otherwise, but I’m okay with it not being spaghetti. I like it for what it is… which is a very tasty vegetable!

Reading. I told you all about my challenge reads here. But after finishing the epic novel that was Shogun I went on to read other books in quick succession.I started The Mirror World of Melody Black in September so I can totally count it here, right? I liked it. The descriptions of the ups and downs of bipolar seemed legit and it was just really well written.

Listening to. The Welcome to Night Vale audio book! I bought Jan it for his birthday in March and he finally felt like getting back into the world of Night Vale so we started listening. We’re on CD2 and so far it’s exactly as amazing as I would expect it to be.

Going. (The category for places that are too close to really call it “travelling”!) To Rheinfelden and Kaiseraugst when Jan’s dad came to stay with us for a weekend.


Watching. Tatort – a German weekly police drama series that’s been running since the 70s! The name literally means crime scene and it’s basically an institution in Germany. We also went to the cinema and saw some short films featuring disability.

Cross stitching. An engagement card for my sister, two birthday cards and some Christmas cards. Also a little something I designed myself, which I will tell you all about in a few days once the recipient actually has it!

Baking. Hedgehogs… but you knew that, didn’t you?

Buying. Two new skirts and a T-shirt. I am very naughty! Also Jan’s Christmas present, but sssh! We won’t tell him that.

Wishing. For a puppy. Actually, it kind of goes without saying that I wish we had a puppy every month, but September involved a lot of actually looking at them on the websites of rescue places and sadly realising that we wouldn’t be allowed to have most of them. (Let’s just ignore the fact that we can’t have a dog anyway because we haven’t done the course to be allowed to own one yet…)

Okay, I think that’s it. I can’t think of anything else that went on in September.

What have you been doing lately?


23 thoughts on “Recent doings #10

    1. Yes! There are actually two parts. The theory has to be done before you are even allowed to get a dog, unless you can prove you have many years of experience as a dog owner. The practical part has to be done within a year of getting a dog and is supposed to be to learn about that specific dog (how it reacts to certain situations, etc.), so even if you’ve had a dog before you at least have to do the practical part. It costs money to do, but I definitely think it’s a good idea! I can think of a few people in the UK who could use a dog owner’s course!

      1. I think this is a brilliant idea and hopefully means that only people who are serious about caring for a dog properly will go ahead and get one. I bet there aren’t quite as many rescue dogs looking for homes there as we seem to have here. Too many people here don’t learn enough about caring for a dog before they get one.

      2. Most of the rescue ones are either looking for a home because their owner died or they’ve been rescued from another country – there seem to be quite a few that were found in Hungary! And at the moment there are some who were taken away from a breeder that was made to close down by the authorities.

  1. i’ll share a little secret with you — i’ve been wanting a dog as well. my family doesn’t know this because the second they do, they’ll be all LET’S GET THE DOG NOW! but i’m waiting until kayla is older so she can share the responsibility. i will definitely be getting a rescue dog but i’m in for a fight since my husband and daughter want a puppy; i would prefer giving a rescue or shelter dog a forever home

    1. I would love to help a rescue dog, but all the ones here say “will only be given to people with a lot of experience owning dogs” or “no homes with young children”. We don’t currently have children but want them soon and obviously we plan to keep any dog we get for a long time!

  2. Aww we have started talking about getting a dog someday but we are definitely not there yet.
    Sounds like you had a really good month!! And a head start on Christmas shopping is always nice!!

  3. oh wow, that’s really nifty about having to do a course to own a dog. sucks that it costs money and all that, but i’m sure it kind of weeds out the crazy people who wouldn’t take care of dogs. i hope you’re able to get one soon!

  4. That’s crazy (but awesome!) that there’s a dog ownership course! I wish I knew how to cross stitch. It seems so easy in theory but like one of those hobbies that I would like for a week and then let all the materials collect dust.

    1. The dog ownership course is one of those things that would never have occurred to me but now I know about it I think it’s an amazing idea.

      Cross stitch is really easy! If I can do it anyone can. It’s literally just following a pattern… I always compare it to painting by numbers, but with thread.

  5. I definitely think it still counts as travelling if it is nearby – if you don’t go very often but if you rarely go or haven’t been before it is travelling. I still count every trip to Toronto as a travel! Sad about the dog – I hope that you get the dog of your dreams soon!

  6. I think that’s such a responsible requirement that a course is taken for dog ownership. It is one more step in showing that you are committed to giving the dog a safe, healthy, (hopefully) loving environment and home.
    I love the colors of Swiss rivers and lakes, so I always enjoy your scenic photos.

  7. I am in the “wishing for a dog” boat as well. Marco and I actually started walking dogs every weekend at the local animal shelter to help tide us over until it can become a reality (we have to find a new apartment first). If your local shelter also has “gassi gehen” hours, I highly suggest it!

    1. I read your comment, thought “that’s an excellent idea” and checked whether it’s possible to do it at our Tierheim. They do indeed have a “Hundespaziergangdienst” but guess what? They make you do a course for that too! Hahaha. The website says they were getting complaints and there have been accidents so now you have to do a course before you get to walk their dogs. It’s free but the next 4 are fully booked. We could do one on 29th November…

      1. Okay, that’s crazy. We did have to fill out some paperwork, show an ID, and read a page of rules – but that’s all understandable. A course just to volunteer to walk dogs is a little much!

  8. Wow… a course on getting a dog. I had no idea! I guess that’s probably a good idea. I think here so many people have pets that shouldn’t and more pets end up in shelters or back in shelters because the owners can’t handle it. Very sad. Ah, so good to be reading! I managed to read non-stop in September. I’m feeling so good about it! 🙂 Checking out your hedgehog recipe. 🙂 XO – Alexandra

    Simply Alexandra: My Favorite Things

  9. Spaghetti squash is amazing, but we’ve already had this discussion. I need to find some more recipes to try with it, but just eating it simply after being roasted in the oven is perfectly good enough for me. Still, it’s no spaghetti, I’m definitely in agreement with you there.

    I love audiobooks, have you thought about using Audible rather than the CDs? I love the convenience of being able to listen to my books with my phone, I find there’s more opportunity to listen that way. You don’t even need to sign up for the subscription, you just get an account and then you can always buy the daily deal they have which is usually only £2.99.

    Puppies! I’m always thinking about puppies. I think we will definitely be getting one next year. We looked into the shelters here and I don’t think we’d be accepted because we live in an apartment. It’s always “must have a garden”. It’s like they think people with apartments never leave their homes… Also, the breeds that we’ve seen that are available, aren’t quite what we’re after either, usually too big or too small! That sounds like I’m trying to find Goldilocks haha! But there’s many German Shepherds or Husky type dogs, or terriers and other small breeds that we’re not keen on.

    I hope there’s puppies in your future!

  10. Yes, I know what you mean. UNless it is wheat, it isn’t spaghettit- much as I love Courgetti!!! I hope you get your dream dog one day (once you’ve done the course!!!!) x

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