Friday letters

Hi there! You may have noticed I’ve been absent from the blogosphere this week. Or maybe thinking anyone would notice my absence is just wishful thinking? Yes, it’s definitely the latter. Nonetheless, I am going to tell you the reason for the absence that you didn’t even notice. I had to go to Frankfurt for a training course. It was all about banking/supervision, so not my favourite topic, but it ended up being quite interesting and (hopefully) useful. Obviously it was for work… I don’t go to finance seminars for fun! So I was away from Monday afternoon til late Wednesday evening then I had to spend yesterday evening tidying the flat, making the spare bed, etc. because we have visitors coming tomorrow – and Jan of course had no time to clean while I was away even though our friends are coming to see his choir concert! No, I am clearly not annoyed about this at all. Ahem. To be fair to him, he did also tidy last night, but if he’d done a bit on Tuesday and a bit on Wednesday we could have been finished by now. But enough talking about my boyfriend behind his back. On with the letters.

Eye'm watching you...

Dear tree by the balcony. I see your lovely yellow leaves already starting to turn brown. Stop it! There’ll be plenty of time for bare branches throughout the entire next four and a bit months!

Dear housework fairy. You seem to have got lost on the way to my place. If I put a candle in the window or something will you come and take over some of the cleaning?

Dear tea. Sorry I keep forgetting about you and making you really strong, then having to drink you lukewarm. It really isn’t fair, is it?

Dear weather. I would appreciate it if you could be nice for the weekend.

Right, that’s it. I’m feeling very uninspired today, but I didn’t want to completely ignore my blog so this measly collection of letters is the best I can do. Aahh… bring on the weekend. Only 8 hours to go…

9 thoughts on “Friday letters

  1. I noticed πŸ˜‰ I have a few favourite bloggers saved into a favourites list on bloglovin and there aren’t many of them so I really miss them when they aren’t there! I need a housework fairy to visit here too!

  2. I didn’t notice, but that’s because I’m almost always reading people’s posts a few weeks after they go up. I am almost *never* caught up on my feeds! I’m a little jealous- I would love a work trip to Frankfurt! That hasn’t happened in about three years…

  3. i noticed though i have been away too so… i’m delayed! lol. i went away for a week last month and i came back to a slightly dirty house with dishes in the sink and i was like… for real?! haha. i do the same thing with my tea. i don’t think i will ever learn! lol

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