A corner of my world

Ages and ages ago Kezzie wrote a post in which she showcased a corner of her house (if you don’t read her blog you really should!). I loved the idea of showing a tiny piece of your life and resolved to do it as well, as soon as I found a corner worth photographing. I finally settled on the corner of the living room by the bookcases, since what could sum up my life more accurately than the place the books live (plus the only other non-boring corner contains a photo of me and Jan, and he doesn’t want his photo on the blog!). I have called my post “a corner of my world” since we don’t live in a whole house and “a corner of my flat” didn’t sound good.


So, what do we see here? The bookcase, of course. It’s one of four, actually – you can just see the second one beside it. Disorganised books, some in double rows, because despite having four bookcases I have more books than space!

The top of the bookcase is cut off a little, so here’s a closer look:


The sheep is really a doorstop, but he’s currently holding up books. His name is Sidney (nothing to do with me – that was the name on is label). I received the card on the left for my birthday a few years ago and it’s too cute to put away in a box! It’s from my godson and his parents.

You may have spotted something in front of the books on the second shelf down, so here’s another close-up:


The hedgehog in the middle is called Quilly (again, nothing to do with me!). The other two don’t have names – unless the Me to You Bear has one that I’m unaware of? Pigs are lucky in Germany – you give them out at New Year. Often they’re made of marzipan.

The bags on the floor belong to Jan… they contain sheet music for the various choirs he’s in.

The keyboard is also Jan’s (of course – I am clearly not the musical one in this relationship). The stand where you’re supposed to put your music holds various posts and flyers for concerts he has sung in since we moved to Basel.

The rug under the keyboard belongs to Jan as well. It’s old and worn, and one day it shall be replaced with something nicer.

Above the keyboard hangs Paddington – my favourite bear! I always loved him more than Winnie the Pooh (although I obviously enjoyed Winnie’s adventures, too). It’s one of those posters that is made up of the text from the book. Behold:

The close-up photo of the text is a bit blurry – it’s difficult to photograph with the light shining off the glass!

And that’s it. Tell me about one of your corners!


19 thoughts on “A corner of my world

    1. Oh, Lord of the Flies… such a bizarre book! To be fair creasing isn’t always the best indicator since I mainly buy books second hand – Heart of Darkness looks awful and I haven’t actually read that one yet!

  1. Cute post! I love that you chose a corner with a book shelf, of course. I totally scoured through the titles before I read your text! πŸ™‚ I noticed two of my top five favorites – Huck Finn and Sense and Sensibility. I never read Paddington – probably because it doesn’t have horses in it. I probably still should! If I did this post, I’d first have to search for a corner without cobwebs.

  2. I enjoyed Kezzie’s post on this too. I would do it but need to find a tidy corner that I like πŸ™‚
    The Paddington print is so lovely, I didn’t realise it was him at first look. After struggling to find space for all my books last year I gave lots away, keeping only the most special and the ones I’ve yet to read (and there are many of those!). I must stop reading book reviews, it only encourages me to buy more but I have limited time for reading.
    I love the idea of giving out marzipan pigs, this is a tradition we need to adopt in the UK – do you know why people do this?

  3. I love that Paddington poster – what a great idea!

    If I was to share a corner of my world, it would probably be the corner of our living room that has the DVD units in it – and random stuffed toys and various knick-knacks sitting on the shelves. And a cat bed on the floor in front of them
    No pictures, sadly, as I dont’ think J or S would be happy with me posting them 😦

  4. You have so many neat books! I am jealous of your bookshelf – I had to sell so many of my books when I moved to Canada. I love the Paddington print too.

  5. Your bookcases remind me of what I used to have – shelves and shelves and shelves of books. They were threatening to take over, so I had to start being ruthless, sending many to charity, or passing them on to friends. It was hard. Now I only keep books if they are ones that I really enjoyed and might like to read again. I love your Paddington picture – it’s very clever.

    1. I got rid of loads before we moved, and I have a whole bag of books I didn’t enjoy that much ready to be taken away. Most of the classics were gifts from my grandma to Jan and he hasn’t even read them yet, so there they shall stay…

  6. I MISSEDDDDDDDD THIS!!! Many, many apologies! This is lovely and I enjoyed seeing your corner (and bookshelves!!!!!) .
    By the way, I LOVED the Highland twins book- it was so exciting. I really like the ones set during WW2- so nervewracking!!!

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