Recent doings #11

Another month has gone, and now it’s November. Aaah!! Less than two months left until 2016 is over! While I’m hoping for good things in 2017, I’m so not ready for it to be here yet.

Anyway, before I completely dissolve into panic, it’s time to look back on October as Gretch and Kristen ask “What’s new with you?“.

What's New With You

Firstly, as some of you may have seen on Twitter, I managed to fall over right at the beginning of the month and land heavily on both my knees, so I spent most of October not being able to work properly. I did call the doctor after waiting a week (plus one day because it was a Sunday) and was told it probably wasn’t anything serious and to come back in a week if it wasn’t better. The following week I was actually not in Basel so I couldn’t go, and after that I decided that since I wasn’t in pain and could manage stairs okay again I would just leave it. My legs are still a bit stiff and annoying at times, but the bruising has gone and I’m pretty sure I’m going to be fine.

Despite having to hobble around, I managed to get up to quite a lot, as you will see below:

Reading. After finishing my last few books for Erin’s challenge, I wanted something a bit lighter (and more modern) so I started reading The Dandelion Years by Erica James. Then I didn’t even finish it because November happened and it was time to start Megan’s winter challenge. *Sigh*

Visiting. The pumpkin festival in Ludwigsburg. I preferred last year’s theme, but it was still a fun day out. And I got to see my friends, which is always a win! (Blog post to follow… eventually.) That was before I fell over luckily since the festival always involves quite a bit of walking around!

Ludwigsburg Kürbisfest 2016

Attending. A seminar in Frankfurt for work. It was all about banking terminology… not my most favourite subject.

Listening to. Jan singing in choirs. He had concerts with two different choirs in October so of course I went.

Buying. Christmas presents. Last year a few didn’t arrive in time even though I thought I had ordered them far enough in advance, so this year I’m being extra organised. Also the most amazing pair of tights.

Cross stitching. Still pictures for Christmas cards… lots and lots of Christmas cards. I think I have about half of them done now, ready to actually be transformed into cards. Also, a Santa shaped like a star that I wanted to experiment with turning into a Christmas tree ornament. It worked really well! *Proud face*


Subscribing. To another cross stitch magazine… because one subscription clearly isn’t enough. Sadly they would only let me start my subscription from January, February or March next year! I was hoping for the December issue at least so I could get more Christmas designs (I subscribed two weeks ago – you’d think that would be plenty of time for them to get me on the December mailing list?!)

Arranging. To host more visitors. Apparently everyone wants to see the Christmas markets. First my mum and brother are coming again, this time with a friend of my mum’s as well, and then my sister and her fiancé will be here for a weekend (oooh, first time I’ve written “sister’s fiancé“!).

Eating. Pumpkins, purchased at the pumpkin festival, and also chickpeas. I seem to put chickpeas in everything lately.

I think that’s all that’s been happening in my world. What have you been doing recently?


21 thoughts on “Recent doings #11

  1. Ouch! Sounds like a painful start to the month!

    I would so like to to go to a pumpkin festival! I should have a look to see if Belgium offers such fun.

  2. that’s because chickpeas are AMAZING AND NEED TO GO IN ALL THE THINGS!
    sorry i get super excited about chickpeas. i could seriously eat them every day and be totally okay with that.
    i really need to get started on christmas presents… i was so so early last year and i am just ignoring it this year which i don’t think will help.
    ouch! i did not know you fell down! you poor thing 😦 glad it’s getting better!

  3. Ouch! That fall sounds nasty.
    The Santa Star is so cute! You’re very organised I have a few gifts purchased for my husband but that’s it.
    I like the idea of visiting a pumpkin festival or farm… might have to put that on the list for next year.

  4. That cross stitching is so impressive! 🙂 I’m always envious of other’s needle based crafting skills! Lovely. 🙂 We went to the pumpkin patch, it was the weekend before Halloween here, so it was packed. Probably should go earlier next time. 🙂 I want to get a jump on the holiday stuff too before I get overwhelmed and swamped. 🙂 Good luck with November! XO – Alexandra

    Simply Alexandra: My Favorite Things

    1. I have no idea what I did :-/

      I know, it’s crazy! We almost never had visitors in Germany but now we live in a more interesting place suddenly everyone wants to visit. Obviously just seeing me wasn’t enough of an incentive before 😉

  5. That Santa star cross-stitch turned out really cute! I’ve done various cross-stitch Christmas cards and ornaments in the past but it’s been a few years, I should get back into it. Do you get your patterns from the magazines (which ones do you get?) or do you buy kits?

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