Friday letters (it’s all about Christmas)

Hello! How is everyone doing? Christmas plans coming along okay? I feel like now December has hit it’s all I can think about! Will I get my cards made and set in time? What will I get that final difficult person for Christmas? Should I bake biscuits this weekend? Question upon question…

Anyway, some letters are in order, I think.

Friday letters



Dear sunshine. How lovely to see you! Do you think you could maybe stick around for the weekend as well?

Dear Christmas gifts. I finally only have one more of you to get, then everyone I need to buy for is sorted. Next step: wrapping.

Dear Christmas markets. Thank you for making the dark, cold days so much more bearable! (Let’s not talk about what we’re going to do when it’s still cold and grey in January yet, okay?)

Dear Lebkuchen. Now it’s December, I think it’s about time I started eating you. Tis the season (to stuff our faces) after all 😉

Dear 2017. I see you lurking! You’d better be planning good things for me 😉

Happy weekend, dear readers! I hope you all have a good one.


17 thoughts on “Friday letters (it’s all about Christmas)

  1. I love the snow falling on your blog, it’s actually very soothing 🙂
    I have a few gifts to get, but not many and then the mammoth task of wrapping. I have to spread it over a few nights otherwise I’d go mad!

  2. Well done on your gifts! I’m almost ready but I’m sure a few more things will pop up in the next month. 🙂 And cannot wait to get some Lebkuchen… haven’t had any yet this year and that just seems wrong!

  3. My Christmas is all organised and sorted. I just booked some train tickets today so that’s all the travel done and I don’t do gifts so that’s easy too haha.

    Oh, we’ve been having some gorgeous sunshine here! I really hope it sticks around for the rest of the season!

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