Recent doings #13

Hello everyone! I hope this first week of 2017 has been treating you well thus far? Today is only my third day back at work and already I have a long weekend since tomorrow is Epiphany, and a public holiday in the part of Germany where my work is based. Not a bad first week back 😉

Since today is the first Thursday of the month, it’s also time to link up with Kristin and Gretch again for What’s new With You? So here is what I got up to in December:

Reading. Apart from my challenge reading, which I updated you on in my last post, I also read The Miniaturist by Jessie Burton and The Scandalous Sisterhood of Prickwillow Place by Julie Berry in December. I gave both three star ratings on Goodreads.

Watching. We finally finished the first season of Mr Robot and it was amazing. But now I’m annoyed because we have to wait for the second season to come out on DVD since it’s an Amazon Prime TV series and there is no Amazon in Switzerland. Grr! We also watched Paddington with my sister and her fiancé because it came on TV and none of us had seen it. I thought it was cute but not a patch on the original books.

Eating. Christmas dinner, of course. What else would I eat at Christmas time? 😉 My dad did turkey with all the trimmings and we had more turkey plus gammon and three different types of cake at my grandma’s for Christmas tea. We also ate fish and chips and a couple of pub meals while we were in England. And before we left for the holidays I may have eaten an entire box of chocolate Lebkuchen to myself. Basically, December was about eating all the things. All of them.

Making. Christmas cards. I literally posted the last three the day before we left for Christmas, so who knows when they actually arrived! Here are a couple that I don’t think I’ve previously shown you:

Hosting. My sister and her fiancé came to stay for a weekend in December, so we did the whole Basel tour again… complete with a trip to a bar that’s on the 31st floor of a hotel building.

Buying. Many more books than I should have plus a top that was on sale for 7 francs.

Visiting. The Christmas market in Laufenburg (post to come… soon I hope). And, for another kind of visiting, So many friends and relations in England! We met up with two different friends for lunch on consecutive days, spent Christmas morning with my mum and brother, went to see my godson’s family for a couple of hours on boxing day to exchange gifts, popped round to see my maternal grandmother (who is bedridden and has dementia, but seemed happy enough) and had a look at my sister’s new house. So many people, so much rushing around, but it was lovely to see everyone.

Travelling. To England for Christmas (and we managed to land in Newcastle before storm Barbara came calling, which was nice) and then to Scotland, specifically to Arran for one night and Glasgow for Hogmanay.

Seeing. The Jungle Book as performed by the always amazing Oddsocks.

What's New With You

That’s all I can think of right now. What did you do in December?

15 thoughts on “Recent doings #13

  1. I have the Scandalous Sisterhood… on my TBR so maybe I’ll get around to reading it this year. Although, I don’t own it so I’ll only pick it up if I see it going cheap on Kindle. I listened to The Miniaturist on audio, maybe right at the beginning of the year and I thought it was just so so boring. Nothing really went on and in the end, I don’t think I quite “got it”. Oh well, plenty of other books to enjoy.

    1. I definitely felt like I didn’t “get” The Miniaturist. It had so many good reviews but I found it a bit meh.

      Scandalous Sisterhood is okay, but some aspects are annoying. It’s fun and quick though. I would be happy to send you my copy if you don’t mind giving out your address to Internet people?

  2. So glad you had a nice Christmas, though it was busy! We had a quiet holiday here with plenty of reading and relaxing – and good food (fondue, raclette, lamb stew, Gulasch…). Your final Christmas cards are gorgeous! I’ll look forward to a post about Arran if you do one! We always go to Mull and love it, but I will happily read about another Scottish island as well. I had vowed to finish the books I’d started in 2016 but didn’t finish (including a daunting book in German about Syria) before starting any new ones, but the Hermes guy just delivered a book I’d forgotten I’d ordered, and it looks SO good…! (_Until Tuesday_) So much for my plan…

  3. oh good to hear about Paddington. i have such like nostalgia love for that bear that i haven’t been brave enough to watch the movie, i don’t want to ruin my childhood 😉 bummer about Mr Robot season 2, KC and I watched most of the first season and then he went and spoiled it and told me the ending too and I was like.. well okay no more Mr Robot. Lol. oh my gosh i LOVE the christmas cards. so freaking cute.
    no such thing as too many books 😉

  4. Oooooooh that Jungle Book performance sounds so fun!
    My family always gives me amazon gift certificates for Christmas. Of course, I’ve ordered books and books and more books. I have the goal to read all the ones I currently own before buying more, but it doesn’t count if it’s books that are technically gifted, right??? 🙂

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